Let the body fearless high blood fat, always maintain the secret of blood lipid stability is to insist on eating after a meal

Introduction: one of the causes of hyperlipidemia is that the fat in our blood vessels exceeds the normal level, which will cause damage to our body. And with the development of society, the disease is not exclusive to the elderly, and more and more young people are troubled by this problem. Therefore, at present, this issue has become a public concern and can no longer be ignored.

there are many reasons for the occurrence of hyperlipidemia in our life. The common ones are due to the influence of daily work and rest and habits, and they don’t like sports for a long time. These daily trifles will cause great damage to the body, so we must pay attention to them.

one of the obvious symptoms of hyperlipidemia is the appearance of xanthoma in the body, which is usually located at the eyelid. And may also lead to the distribution of xanthoma with the aggravation of the disease is also very dense, mainly due to the accumulation of excessive fat in the body, the skin under the eyes is thinner and easier to show, so it is more dense in the eyelids.

as the blood lipid in the body increases, the blood viscosity in the body will also increase significantly, which will make the blood circulation speed obviously slow down. In this way, as the body’s limbs are too far away from the heart supplying blood, limb numbness may occur. Therefore, once these reasons and signals are found, we should pay attention to them in time, in case of hyperlipidemia It’s affected by the question.

dizziness and headache is also one of the more obvious symptoms, but if the frequency is not frequent, it can be ignored. But if the frequency is more obvious, and it is difficult to alleviate after rest, you need to pay attention to it, because it is likely due to high blood lipid in the body. Hyperlipidemia will affect the blood flow and circulation speed in the body, which will make the blood can not be transported to the brain in time, and the brain will be in an anoxic state. In this way, we often have dizziness and headache, so we must reduce blood lipid in time.

due to the high blood lipid in the body, the blood viscosity in the body will increase significantly, and the blood flow speed will slow down, and there will be obvious feeling of leg numbness or cramp. In this way, in addition to paying attention to whether it is caused by other reasons of the body, we should consider whether it is caused by high blood fat.

in order to keep blood lipid at a stable level, a 90 year old Uncle Wang shared his secret of keeping blood lipid in a stable state. The main thing is to do one more thing. The tea recommended by Chinese medicine to keep blood lipid stable

is to add dandelion, Kuding, honeysuckle, balsam pear, Lily and mint, and boil them together to make a cup Tea, which helps to stabilize blood lipids, has a good effect on regulating blood lipid problems.

mixing these ingredients together can play a very good effect. If you feel that the preparation time is not enough, it is suggested that you can choose a tea bag directly matched with it, and the effect will not be bad at all. Moreover, it is very convenient to drink each time, just take out a bag and brew it directly.

Introduction: at the same time, it is suggested that people with hyperlipidemia in their blood vessels should also pay attention to eat less food with rich cholesterol content in their daily diet, and they should also eat low-fat and low-sugar food, and eat more high-fiber food to help increase gastrointestinal peristalsis and keep blood vessels healthy day by day. Focus