Let your uterus “warm” up, do these things, nothing to fear

Introduction: in addition to the physical examination of the hospital, you can also check whether the body is normal from the menstruation, and one of them represents the damage of uterus or other parts of the body. If there is such a bad situation, it is necessary to do a good job in improving measures, do not wait for a long time to delay, bring great impact on the body, just think of treatment.

if your uterus is very healthy, then your menstrual cycle should be very accurate, and you will menstruate on the same day every month. But if not punctual is also a common phenomenon, before and after the time is not more than a week is normal physiological conditions, but if beyond this time period, it is likely to be caused by uterine damage.

normal women’s menstrual volume should be maintained between 30 and 50ml, but if your menstrual bleeding volume is lower than or more than this range, it means the uterus appears. Bad situation, we suggest that we take effective measures as soon as possible, because the uterus is damaged, toxins in the body, garbage will also be discharged. As a result, these substances will remain in the body for a long time, resulting in more adverse conditions.

when a woman comes to her first home, the color of her normal menstrual blood should be red or dark red, but if you find that your menstrual blood is black, you should know how to play. That needs to pay attention, because this is certainly not a normal situation, this kind of situation is often accompanied by uterine cold or uterine disease, it is recommended that we do the examination and relevant improvement measures as soon as possible.

in recent years, there is a saying that women can eat at will during menstruation, not only do not get fat, but also have no effect. This statement is completely wrong. If you do not pay attention to diet during menstruation, always eat too cold food or drink too cold drinks, it will not only cause many effects on the body, but also seriously damage the uterus.

the physical quality of women during menstruation is poor in school. If you do a lot of exercise during the internship, it will not only affect the amount of bleeding during menstruation, but also cause damage to the uterus. Therefore, we must be obedient and try to avoid strenuous exercise during the period of aunt.

your hand clock records: red dates, longans, wolfberry, ginger and other food materials are relatively good. The effect of maintaining uterus is to gather these ingredients together and drink them with hot water, which is not only significant, but also based on the homology of medicine and food. Many traditional Chinese medicine practitioners agree with this kind of food prescription and recommend it for use.

although these ingredients are common and can be purchased, they are time-consuming and laborious to make. Choosing finished tea bags can solve this problem, which not only saves time and energy, but also has a very significant effect.

conclusion: the uterus is very important for women. If there is uterine cold, uterine fibroids and other adverse uterine diseases, it will have a serious impact on the body and reputation in the future. Therefore, we should improve as soon as possible when we find abnormal uterus. It is suggested to pay more attention to diet and drink more aunt tea. 08/16/2020