Let’s share the Korean eye moistening instrument bought for my wife on Chinese Valentine’s day. Korean people’s research on beauty can be said to be fascinating

A pair of beautiful eyes may depend on genes, but exciting eyes can be acquired. It’s hard for a bad young man like me who starts smoking in high school and Internet cafes all night.

since the popularity of computers, after high school, University and graduation, every day, either computers or mobile phones. From CTR to more and more clear LCD screen, the picture is more and more clear, but our eyes are more and more turbid.

I believe many people will be the same as me, with a vision of 1.5, but they have no light in their eyes. They often have dry eyes, tired eyes and bloodshot. Even if their eyes are very uncomfortable at night, they still have to stare at their mobile phones. If they don’t feel sleepy, they can’t sleep at all.

} let’s not talk about the eyes of the goddesses. A clear spring can always absorb countless powders. But when I mentioned that unforgettable look, I never thought of Liang Chaowei, the older and the more demon. Although his facial features are not so handsome and shapeless, and his stature is not high, I forget which film was made in which year. I was convinced by his talking eyes. In different roles, his eyes always have a different temperament to add charm to the role, which is acquired.

if someone told me that your bad living habits meant that you didn’t have a watery look in your eyes, I might not have read so many novels in my youth, and I didn’t linger in Internet cafes.

} when I saw Ashmore’s eye moistening instrument, I was sure that Korean people not only love cosmetic surgery, but also loved beauty. In the area of face, Korean people’s “means” are simply endless.

} packaging display, very grade Retro Green, with a handbag, a typical female gift set design. When I took it out of the express box and put it in front of my wife, she was still very happy, but she didn’t know what gift I gave her.

} even if we see the truth, many people can’t see what it is. The appearance is exquisite and compact. The plastic body is made of a lustrous ceramic feeling with metal embellishment. It has obvious female attributes. Even if it is a person of wide knowledge, it may not be able to guess what it is, only feel very classy!

in fact, it is an eye massage instrument that can spray eye drops. The metal head in the picture above is the massage head. Inside the body, there is a container for containing eye drops, but it has a mystery.

} let’s talk about the metal part. There is a heating device in it. Pressing the function key next to it is equivalent to starting the machine. Then there are two gears to choose from: 38 ℃ and 40 ℃. After starting up, press once to enter the first gear. At the same time, the Yellow display light is on for a long time. In the start mode, press twice to directly enter the second gear, 40 ℃ massage. At this time, the display light is red 。 If the machine is turned on, it will automatically shut down within 10 seconds without pressing the key. The time for each massage is set automatically. The heating time of the massage head is about 5 minutes long, and it will stop automatically after finishing.

} the practical experience is very simple. When you feel the fever, you can take it around your eyes and turn it around. The time to start the fever is very fast. For me, 40 ℃ is a little hot for me, and it’s just fine at 38 ℃. After I get up and wash my face in the morning, I’m full of energy. If I work in front of the computer for a long time, my eyes will not be so tired.

what principle to say is actually very simple. We have understood the truth that hot compress can promote blood circulation since childhood! However, my wife has more ideas. In addition to hot compress and eye massage, she also presses our two-year-old baby’s stomach. The baby is not repelled at all.

you can continue to spread. Ashmore’s hot compress function can be used in more places. In addition, it is clean and can be used anytime and anywhere. Do you still think that this is just a simple eye massage instrument?

Now let’s talk about the second mechanism of this device. As shown in the figure above, the other half of the device can be pulled out directly. Inside is a container for eyedrops, with a piston at the bottom to seal the water injection nozzle. But you’re wrong to think it’s just a simple replacement for an eye bottle. In fact,

is added with the function of ultrasonic atomization. The hole in the middle of the picture is the spray hole. If you use the upper figure to slide down the rear cover and expose the spray hole, then press the multi-function key, and it will have 5 seconds of spray time.

} you should all have the experience of eyedrops. Many people put the eye drops into it, and the results immediately came out with tears. With the ultrasonic atomization function of Ashmore, as long as you squint and spray face-to-face, the soft “mist” will moisten your eyes. What’s more, it can be used anytime and anywhere. Even if you’re tired of driving, you can give it to your eyes even if you don’t have to stop at the side of the road for a minute, let alone all kinds of office places. In addition, its sealed design can also ensure the hygiene of eye drops. Do you suddenly think it’s magical?

} the only part of the Ashmore eye moistening instrument that needs “external force” is charging. There is a piston cover on the side of the body, as shown in the figure above. There is a typec charging port inside, so the convenience level is self-evident. Its service life official did not say, the personal Chinese Valentine’s Eve bought back to now also charged once.

} when it comes to the final price, the original price is 488 yuan. At present, the domestic activity price is only 279 yuan. My daughter-in-law is not happy about this However, she is still very happy with her mood and product experience. In addition to massaging the eyes and the baby’s stomach, she can also use it to thin her face. If she dislikes the woman Balabala and says you are stingy, just look at this eye moistening instrument, which is ingenious and practical, let alone “face” one, enough for her to go out and show off for a while. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this