Li Jiaqi’s live room sells whitening essence every month. Liu Shishi and Zhao Lusi are using it!

The biggest problem in summer is ultraviolet rays. How many beauties have been fighting against ultraviolet rays through both physical and chemical sunscreen, but they still can’t avoid being tanned. Repairing and whitening after the sun is really the fate that girls can’t escape every summer.

the goal of many girls is that one day they can not hide the dark uneven skin by using the foundation. However, whitening is a protracted battle, not so simple. And the market is also filled with various whitening essence minefields, the effect is not obvious, not only, but also easy to cause a burden on the skin, serious words will also cause redness and stabbing pain, good hearted whitening but develop sensitive muscles.

Li Jiaqi has the most say on whitening. When you see Li Jiaqi, you will think about his ability to carry goods and say that he is a grass planting machine on earth. But in fact, his skin is very white and delicate. Even if he often lives with the stars, he is not pressed by the stars. His skin is even whiter than the stars! Then why Li Jiaqi as a boy, the skin can be so white?

the first step is to say countless times, no matter whether you go out or not, you should use sun protection, even if you are facing a mobile phone computer, it will make your skin dark yellow and black; when you go out in summer, try not to get close contact with the sun. In addition to easy tanning and even sunburn, it will also make the skin loose, which is the main culprit of skin aging. Li Jiaqi suggested that we choose good sun protection clothes and try to wear long sleeves. After all, less sun exposure is the best sunscreen.

of course, in addition to sun protection, we need to use them sooner or later. Li Jiaqi has almost used the whitening essence of the whole network, no matter the price or the lady. Among them, he first wanted to count the OLAY’s whitening essence, light and small white bottle. If you don’t know what whitening essence to use, try it. It was 10086 times in Amway’s live broadcast room, so it is very unusual for him to love this whitening essence. On both sides of the Changjiang River, Li Jiaqi is a member of the “whitening business” of

. OLAY has a great reputation for its whitening essence. It is not only recommended by many department of Dermatology people, but also has received many fashion awards for beauty. Even Liu Shishi, the goddess of temperament who went to Li Jiaqi’s live studio some time ago, has been planted with grass ~

Liu Shishi is also one of the representatives of white to luminous. She has been using Olay light sensitive small white bottle. Her skin looks white and transparent, and can be broken by blowing. It has a great effect on improving her overall temperament. Many people in the

entertainment circle are using OLAY light sensitive white bottles, such as Zhao Lusi, a sweet girl, who often stays up late to make a movie. She insists on using the whitening cream of white bottle, and keeps good skin condition, especially white and bright.

so, whether it’s the temperament or the sweet Department of female stars, they all have one thing in common: their skin is white, so white skin is really a plus. In addition to the natural beauty, later whitening maintenance is also very important. All the world knows.

OLAY light perception white bottle has played the role of whitening. Good reputation is known to everyone. It is no wonder that most of the entertainment circles are using a whitening essence. Then what makes it the best whitening essence? This is closely related to the quality of its components.

Olay has studied nicotinamide for 26 years, and now the purity of nicotinamide in the light sensitive small white bottle has also increased to 99.7%, which is the highest purity in history. It can greatly reduce the skin intolerance from the source. It is also combined with various soothing ingredients such as panthenol to make the skin more gentle, safe and feel better.

in addition, Olay also added whitening partner acylamide to nicotinamide. Acylamide has strong permeability, which can block melanin signal and formation from the source. The combination of

acyl amine and nicotinamide can act as a whole in the four major pathways of melanin formation, which is two times faster than the other whitening essence and can maximize the whitening effect. Such a combination is also the exclusive collocation of Olay home, patent whitening formula.

in addition to these two ace ingredients, there is also a sepitonic mineral translucent factor, which can solve the problem of dark yellow face of most people. The ingredients also contain AA2G, which is the active VC commonly used in high-end whitening essence. It can moisturize and maintain stability and is a lady’s whitening enjoyment.

white emulsion, light and thin push away, feel very refreshing after finishing, can be quickly absorbed by the skin, will not be stuffy skin, even if the oil is also no burden. Oh, ~

first to talk about the skin condition of Xiaobian: uneven skin, dark skin, and a few pox prints, occasionally a little sensitive. General skin metabolism is a cycle of 28 days, but Xiao Bian uses this whitening essence for half a month, and then notices that the whole skin is much healthier than before. In general, it is still a whitening essence with high cost performance. The skin is really bright and shining like a light needle. It is clean and delicate.

1, skin care order: after using the make-up water, then use the small white bottle whitening essence, wait for 5 seconds, until the skin is absorbed, then apply the lotion, but the skin oily person can directly use the small white bottle as the lotion, and avoid the skin care product that will be rubbed on the top too often.

2, long hair problem: many people are worried about nicotinamide whitening essence will be long hair problem, but in fact cause the wool is not high purity nicotinamide in the nicotinic acid impurities, small white bottle of nicotinamide purity is high, do not worry about this problem. If it looks like it’s still hairy, it’s actually because the skin is whiter than before, so it’s visually thicker.

unremittingly, the new supersedes the old. It is not enough to keep the skin healthy. It is not enough to rely on whitening essence. It also requires daily skin care, keeping up with the rest of the body, getting the skin’s metabolism faster, and adjusting the body in an all-round way. Only healthy body can produce healthy skin.

if your appeal for whitening essence is whitening is effective and relatively mild, and you want to get a healthy and bright white complexion, then Xiaobian recommends that you start with this OLAY light sense white bottle. Now on Jingdong, you can enjoy the exclusive discount of buying one for free, and the two can be fully reduced by 60 ~ below the link, white to luminous together! CUISINE&HEALTH