Li Landi will choose cleaning facial mask, no advertising and no beauty.

Hello, everyone. My sister is online. In this article, we will share the maintenance secrets, good things sharing and fashion of the stars. We hope that the learning of these tips can inspire you. Then we will start our fashion journey! < / P > < p > recently, I saw a video from Li Randi and found that her skin is really good and good. I feel like I can pinch the water out of her face. I want to pinch her face. We can see from her micro blog photos that her skin is really not too good. It’s just envious skin.

Li Landi can see every photo shows that she has excellent skin, because Li Landi personally love mask. Today we’ll take a look at those mask that Li Landi uses.

in fact, Swisse honey cleansing mask is very necessary to write, because when we go out, the skin will be stained with a lot of dust and impurities. This cleansing mask can very well remove the dirty things on our faces.

this mask has many colors. It has five colors: yellow, powder, gray, green and white. Different colors can play different roles. They are exfoliating, cleaning, detoxifying, shrinking pores, lightening skin, soothing, moisturizing and moisturizing. We can choose our own color according to our own skin. This value really loves ~

. The Swisse cleansing mask is the texture of this cream, but it is not particularly hard to push away. It looks smooth and cool on the face. It is also very delicate to look at Bing Bing. This mask contains a variety of natural ingredients and is calm and soothing. Once it is finished, it will feel its pores suddenly open.

this kind of facial mask will not feel any special stimulation, but it is also mild and comfortable. After using it, you won’t feel particularly dry, and feel that your skin is QQ elastic, smooth and slippery. But our school elder sister suggests that when we use it, we can match some mask with water replenishment.

once a chance to learn the elder sister once used, and then was the snow show sleep mask, and is now listed as deep love inside. Many stars are also using it. After all, they are busy but can’t even sleep. This snowflake sleep mask can save time very well. < / P > < p > because sometimes we need to stay up late for a long time, the skin condition is particularly bad. Sister Xuejie suggests that we can touch a little on our face before staying up late, but the daub should not be too thick or too thin, and we should try to be light when tearing it. < / P > < p > this texture is also very good to push away, but Xuejie suggests that large oilfields should mix dry skin and oil mixed leather about three times a week, and mix dry skin and oil mixed skin once or twice a week. Frequent use may damage cuticle.

and our snowflake sleeping mask is a traditional Chinese flavour containing some ingredients such as angelica, cortex mori and so on. We don’t feel particularly bad smell and pungent, and our skin will be very smooth when we wake up the next day after we use it. If we don’t feel embarrassed problems like card powder and floating powder when we put on makeup, we can use it if we have important dates.

learning sister used a lot of mask to dry up the feeling of dry face, but this mask is completely not, it runs out of that kind of special moisturizing, can be used in our extremely short of water and very urgent, it is simply emergency rescue.

this mask has always been a popular mask. Ninety-nine percent of the people used to say that it is a very good mask. It belongs to a professional medical beauty brand product. In this regard, it has been recognized by most of its own fields. < / P > < p > there are a lot of sisters around my sister who are using it, and many of them have unlimited buyback, because this ferroka is really very, very easy to use. This type of film is suitable for all skin types, not only for brightening skin, moisturizing, whitening, but also for activating cells and anti-aging.

the texture of this film is something that has to be mentioned. Their texture is really amazing. It is a paste texture like milk, which is very slippery. It is very good to push away, and it will not be as thick as usual.

this floral mask has a faint fragrance of flowers. We usually wash it in fifteen minutes. The skin is clean and bright, but there are tingling feelings on the face, but the whole is mild or acceptable. But school girls still need to remind them, because there are six kinds of acids in this mask. It is equivalent to brushing acid on skin care products at home. It is not recommended to use it frequently. It is better to use it two or three times a week. Moreover, it is recommended that we apply sunscreen after using it for a week. < / P > < p > OK, that’s all for today’s summary! School elder sister thinks Li Landi’s Amway is good, but sleeping mask and cleaning mask are not suitable for overuse. You can choose the right mask according to your skin. What mask are you using? A wave of comments= target=_ blank>Next