Li ruotong, 54, has a body fat rate of 15%. Strength training can not only lose weight, but also “anti-aging”

Today, I saw a short video of “aunt” Li ruotong. Some people said that she was too thin, and then showed her muscle lines. Then I went to see her social accounts and found that she was actually a “fitness expert”. There are a lot of training tutorials on how to lose weight, and some diet suggestions. Not long ago, Li ruotong has just celebrated her birthday and announced her line year-old. Her age is already middle-aged, but she looks like a young man. Without looking at the face, only the body looks 20 years younger. < p > < p > physiological age as I mentioned in the previous article, you can lower your physical age or “slow down” your aging by regular exercise and diet. But “aunt” Li ruotong insisted on more than 20 years, the physiological age is bound to drop a lot compared with the actual age. < p > < p > and she started to exercise at first just to keep fit, so she began to exercise reasonably. I don’t need to say whether weight training can reduce body weight. If you look at Li ruotong’s 15% body fat rate, I will know. As you can see from the daily exercise she shares on her social networking site, most of her training methods are weight training. But what is the principle? Why can weight training reduce weight? < / P > < p > we know that weight loss is the process of reducing fat and reducing body fat content. And this process is a process of energy consumption, and when the total consumption is greater than the total intake, fat will be consumed. Therefore, weight loss is to make the total consumption more than the total intake. However, many people, like me, are “eaters” and can’t let themselves be too hungry, so they can only increase their total consumption and appropriately reduce their intake. The total consumption includes exercise consumption + basic metabolism + food heat effect. Among them, the consumption of basic metabolism accounts for about 70%, and the rest is consumed by exercise and food heat effect. However, the effect of aerobic exercise on basic metabolism is weaker than that of weight training. Because in the process of weight training, in addition to increasing consumption, in the process of muscle repair will increase consumption, which is the ultimate goal of “lying also thin”. But through weight training to increase muscle content, or maintain muscle content, will improve the level of basic metabolism, the lowest is to maintain the level of basic metabolism is not reduced. Simple aerobic exercise not only consumes fat, but also loses muscle, which leads to the decrease of basal metabolism. Therefore, even if the efficiency of weight training in the process of weight loss is not higher than that of aerobic exercise, it will not be bad. Moreover, weight training has a place in the anti-aging effect of “frozen age”. And that’s why Li ruotong looks like a man in his 30s even though he is 54 years old. Today, many scientific experiments have proved that the purpose of anti-aging can be achieved by “rescuing” the necessary tissues and functions that the body is constantly losing. And this “rescue” means to improve through exercise, including aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. < / P > < p > the loss of muscle reduces metabolism and strength. The loss of bone makes the body structure fragile and fragile, while the decline of nervous system function gradually makes people lose control of muscle strength, which leads to serious degradation of body functions such as posture, gait and fine movements. < p > < p > after such a phenomenon occurs, the activity ability of daily life begins to decline, and the amount of physical activity will be greatly reduced unconsciously. The decrease of physical activity may be followed by various chronic diseases and the decline of body function, and a more and more serious vicious circle begins. < p > < p > although we can’t deny the huge impact of genes on the human body, we can effectively improve most of our body’s functions in terms of muscle, bone and nervous system, and then reduce most of our health risks. We can even “freeze age” like Li ruotong, a little dragon girl. Exercise science has found that muscle, bone and nervous system all respond to pressure. That is to say, through the planned and progressive overload pressure stimulation, the quality of muscle will be improved, the density of bone will be increased, and the efficiency of nervous system will be improved. The progressive overload pressure stimulation for human body is actually weight training in anaerobic exercise 。 < p > < p > carry out systematic and scientific weight training in advance. Before aging occurs, let the body become stronger, and make the training become a kind of life form, so that people can receive pressure stimulation for a long time and regularly, and guard the defense line with strong muscles, bone and nervous system to resist the occurrence of degeneration, which is the process of “anti-aging”. < p > < p > about the mechanism of exercise anti-aging, the most popular is “telomere theory”. According to research reports, regular exercise can help keep the cells and DNA in the body healthy. < / P > < p > according to the experimental results, regular training can effectively improve the level of respiratory factors in the nucleus, and then prevent telomere shortening in cells. The longer the telomeres are, the longer the DNA replication cycle will be, which will prevent premature cell apoptosis. < / P > < p > many people take exercise to relieve the pressure, release negative emotions, and then make them happy. And people who are physically and mentally happy, regardless of their posture or temperament, will appear young. < / P > < p > when people do light load exercise, their body will release a light positive emotion. The purpose is to let people know that the energy consumption rate of this low-intensity aerobic exercise is very safe at this moment, and it will not be dangerous to walk for a long time. < / P > < p > when the intensity of exercise begins to climb, and the breathing becomes more and more urgent and panting, the body begins to release negative emotions, which is an involuntary reminder. If the body wants to let us know that the rate of energy consumption is increasing, we must pay attention to this problem. However, because people’s emotions come from the reaction of cognition and body, when we reach the goal of individual sports because of training, we will have a positive emotion subjectively; but if we hate sports and sweat in the first place There may be very negative emotions. This is why, in this stage of climbing the intensity of exercise, there are complex changes in sports emotions. < / P > < p > when the exercise enters the real high-intensity area, that is to say, when the exercise comes to panting, the human body may formally enter the state of high-intensity anaerobic exercise. The high level of negative emotions is like an alarm, which makes people feel uncomfortable. The purpose is to remind the body to stop as soon as possible. In a study conducted by Leipzig University and Saar University in Germany, researchers recruited 266 healthy young people who did not exercise much at ordinary times. Then they were divided into three groups. They were given 45 minutes endurance training three times a week, high-intensity intermittent training and simple equipment strength training. After training, the researchers observed and compared the telomere length and telomerase activity of white blood cells in the three groups. The results showed that the telomerase activity and telomere length of the three groups increased, which means that regular exercise can play an “anti-aging” effect. However, to determine which group had the best anti-aging effect, the researchers found that telomerase activity and telomere length in the group with high-intensity intermittent training were 2-3 times higher than those in the other two groups. Therefore, in order to achieve the goal of anti-aging, high-intensity intermittent training can be carried out. Of course, strength training or aerobic exercise are OK, as long as you like it is the most important. < / P > < p > share a set of home-based unarmed training movements, and freely form a high-intensity intermittent training program. There are 6 movements in total. 6 movements are a cycle, and 2-3 cycles are made. The interval of action is 10 seconds and each cycle is 60 seconds. 2