Li Yanan “long fetus does not grow meat”, netizens envy after watching: How did she do it?

It is very normal to gain weight during pregnancy, but careful people will find that some women only gain a little weight, but some women’s weight will increase rapidly in a short period of time, even dozens of Jin, and it is difficult to return to the weight before pregnancy after giving birth. However, most pregnant mothers will choose to give birth to their children and then try to lose weight. Only a small number of pregnant mothers will regularly measure, observe and record their own weight during pregnancy, and strictly control the range of weight gain during pregnancy. < p > < p > Wang Zulan’s wife Li Yanan posted a group of photos of their parents and children on the social platform. In the photo, Li YA’NAN is pregnant with a second child. His stomach is already very obvious, and his face is full of happy smile. Wang Zulan holds her lovely little daughter in one hand, and the family looks very happy. However, sharp eyed netizens have found that Li Ya’an, who is pregnant with a second child, only “has a long fetus but no flesh”. Although he is light makeup, he still looks good, and his figure is not distorted by his pregnancy. < p > < p > in addition to the pregnant belly, the whole person has not become fat at all, full of vitality. With her second child, she still looks like a little girl, and netizens are envious after watching it. They all comment: “how did she do it?” There are also many as the past Baoma said: “this figure I am really sour!” < / P > < p > in most people’s eyes, pregnancy means losing shape. So everyone envies that Li YA’NAN can still be so thin after pregnancy. In fact, 90 percent of stars pay special attention to their weight when they are pregnant, and Li YA’NAN is no exception. Diet during pregnancy should be paid special attention to. Too greasy food, high fat content food and high sugar content food should be avoided. Light diet is good for both fetus and mother. Under the influence of pregnancy hormone, some pregnant women may be prone to hunger, but they must not overeat. If it is really out of control, they should also develop the good habit of eating less and more meals. In fact, it is not recommended that mothers to be exercise frequently in the early pregnancy, while the second trimester is the best time to exercise. You can make exercise plan according to your own situation, and recommend yoga and walking during pregnancy. < / P > < p > adding meals before bedtime can lead to gastrointestinal movement, which not only affects the sleep of the fetus and mother, but also causes fat accumulation and weight gain. If you can’t bear to be hungry, you can drink some warm milk, or add a meal in the afternoon, and the dinner time should be postponed appropriately. < p > < p > the standard of weight gain during pregnancy is mainly determined by the weight before pregnancy. The lower the body mass index before pregnancy, the more weight gain during pregnancy, but it should be controlled at about 15kg, and no more than 20kg at most. In addition, weight gain is different in different stages of pregnancy. For general women, it is appropriate to increase about 1.5kg in early pregnancy, 5kg in mid pregnancy and 9kg in late pregnancy. The above values are for reference only. The specific situation depends on the individual. < / P > < p > it is a very happy thing to give birth to a new life. I hope every mother to be can keep a good figure and give birth to a healthy and lovely baby. HEALTHY LIFE