Lijiang 3-year-old boy playing by the side of the road was carried away: 6-year-old sister had chased to pull the car door

At noon on the 23rd, a worried circle of friends spread through major social media in Lijiang. In broad daylight, a boy playing on the roadside was carried away by a woman in a small white car. The Public Security Bureau of Yongsheng County in Lijiang immediately organized a special team to carry out the work of blocking and arresting cards and checking personnel. < / P > < p > the father of the lost boy told the reporter that the place where the child was taken was not monitored. There was a speed monitoring system until the intersection and the Biquan forestry bureau at the toll station. However, the distance from the accident site to the intersection was two to three kilometers, and it took about half an hour to walk normally. < / P > < p > “at that time, my sister was scared. I remember that it was a white car. The woman between 30 and 50 years old got out to take her brother away. She was wearing a purple coat, jeans and short hair. At that time, my girl went after her and asked,” why hold my brother, don’t hold my brother. “She also pulled the door, but she pushed it away. ”Said the father of the lost boy. < / P > < p > my sister is more than six years old. She can learn to draw in kindergarten. She knows the color, but she is too anxious at that time. She only wants to chase her brother. Although she knows the numbers, she can’t write down the license plate number. She only remembers the white car. The father said that his son didn’t often play on the roadside, such as today’s play on the roadside is rare, although he is usually very naughty, with a boy at his age who should be naughty and likes to step on the water and so on. Home to the place of the accident is a right angle route, many meters away. < / P > < p > “today, my grandmother took two children out to herd the cattle. When the cattle ran away, it was inconvenient for grandma to go after the cattle, so it was not convenient to carry the baby on her back. So she put the doll at the intersection. As a result, the cow came back, but the baby was taken away. At that time, only my sister was crying there.” The father of the child said that when he got to the place, many people had already helped to call the police. At 23:00, when the reporter asked if he had seen some surveillance videos, the father said that he was still waiting at the police station and had not seen the video. < / P > < p > after the incident, the content of child abduction caused a lot of forwarding in the circle of friends. “Sure enough, urban children are not good at getting started. They have reached out to small counties and rural areas, and the free range children can’t be careless in this year.” One netizen wrote when forwarding the content of looking for children. According to the information in Lijiang’s circle of friends, the reporter contacted the father of the boy who had been taken away. He told reporters, “this morning my mother took the baby with me. My daughter-in-law and I went out to work at 7:00 in the morning. At 10:30 in the morning, my mother called to say that after the child was taken away, my daughter-in-law and I arrived at the place where the child was lost at 10:40.” The father of the lost boy said that his family lived in dadianwei, Liangshui, Yongbei Town, Yongsheng County. The couple had been working for a long time. After the incident, he and his daughter-in-law rushed to the scene. From the description of the old man on the road, he learned that the car that took the child away was a white Sichuan brand car. “The old man on the roadside saw it and said it was white. He could make sure that the character” Chuan “was white, but he was far away. He didn’t see the numbers behind him, and the old man didn’t know the numbers behind him.” < / P > < p > “I have two children. When my son was taken away by force, my sister was there, and my sister was playing with him.”. Said the father of the lost boy. < / P > < p > and in the circle of friends, a netizen commented: “what I personally experienced, a car of us called the police. It’s terrible!” The netizen mentioned, “the elder sister in the photo cried all the way. We went down to ask and found out that her brother was held in the car and drove away. We quickly called the police and said to the police that we found a message. We felt very heavy.” According to the police report, the place where the children were taken away should be a new road at the foot of the mountain in the east of Yongsheng Industrial Park. There are not many cars and people. It can be said that the traffic flow is small. There are some villages around. Children should play near the door of their homes. This is very normal in rural areas. It has been a long time since we have heard of children being taken away The abduction. It’s too bad to be taken away by force this time. Forenoon 23 days,

, the official account of the Yongsheng Public Security Bureau, issued the police information bulletin. The police station of Lijiang County received a warning from the Public Security Bureau at 10:34 a.m. on August 23, 2020: a boy playing near a driving test center of Yongsheng Road, Yongsheng Beizhen, was taken away by a woman in a small white car. After checking and blocking the county police, the relevant police officers were set up. After learning from parents, grandparents and grandparents, the child was about 3 years old. He was wearing white and yellow horizontal stripes on his upper body and white corduroy trousers on his lower body. At present, various work is under way. Focus