Lips, as soon as this signal appears, go to the hospital!

Lips are one of the most important parts of a person’s face, and we need them every day when we eat, drink and talk. But did you know that the lips can also detect a person’s health. Normal people’s lips are ruddy, moderately dry and wet, and they are smooth. If there is a problem with the body, the lips will give you a signal in time. < p > < p > < p > said: the spleen orifices in the mouth, its China in the lip. But also connected to the five zang organs, such as red lips generally have heart fire, white lips generally for lung qi deficiency, lip cyan mostly for heart and liver blood stasis, yellow lips for spleen deficiency, black lips for kidney water gas flooding. Therefore, the diseases of meridians and organs can be reflected through the lips. < / P > < p > deficiency of Qi and blood is a major cause of lip whiteness. People with deficiency of Qi and blood often have pale complexion, skin color and nail color, accompanied by general symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, palpitation, palpitation, drowsiness, backache and low sexual desire. < / P > < p > the lips of most anemia patients will appear pale white, which is called “trance white” in traditional Chinese medicine. Insert a case of iron deficiency anemia: black face inlaid with a fat pale lips, typical anemia lips. Dizziness, palpitation, insomnia and fatigue were cured with Danggui Buxue Decoction. < / P > < p > when it comes to the bright red lips, many people will think that it is inflamed, that is, the heat disease in traditional Chinese medicine, but this fever is also divided into excess syndrome and deficiency syndrome. In general, the deep red color of the mouth is mostly solid heat, and the light red color is mostly deficiency heat. It needs to be seen through some accompanying circumstances. In addition to the crimson lips, the patients with excess heat often have dry mouth, bitter mouth, sore tongue, easy sweating, red face, dry stool, yellow urine, and short prickly urine. < / P > < p > deficiency heat is usually accompanied by two zygomatic flush, hand foot heart heat, night sweats, waist and knee soreness and other symptoms. This kind of crowd is mostly the old people, the long illness weak person is more. < / P > < p > baicalin 10g, forsythia 12g, gardenia 10g, Cimicifuga 10g. Take one dose a day. Boil the water for 15 minutes, strain the juice and drink instead of tea. In fact, the main reason for purple lips is blood stasis, which indicates that there is obvious blood stasis and qi stagnation in your body. Because the normal speed of the flow of blood is not the color of the lips. < / P > < p > experts say that “yellow is the master of the spleen”. The spleen is the organ that transports the essence of water dampness. When the spleen is deficient, the water dampness stops in the body, which blocks the transportation of nutrients, resulting in fatigue, dizziness, dyspepsia and other symptoms. Wet stop for a long time easy to generate internal heat, damp heat internal resistance, not only yellow face and lip, but also yellow urine, yellow eyes, anorexia and greasy, abdominal distension and hypochondriac pain. At this time, we should be alert to the occurrence of jaundice and need to go to the hospital for treatment. < / P > < p > pay attention to keep warm when dressing, and properly eat foods that can strengthen the spleen and remove dampness, such as Chinese yam coix seed porridge, ginseng chicken soup, red dates and medlar porridge, Poria cocos cake, etc. Living environment should be warm and dry, massage or moxibustion Zusanli, Guanyuan, Qihai and other acupoints. < / P > < p > there is still obvious moisture in your body. At the same time, it also means that your kidney and spleen and stomach begin to have deficiency. There will be loss of appetite, poor digestion, lower limb heavy feeling, frequent urination symptoms. < / P > < p > try to avoid all kinds of sweet food, fried food, greasy food, sticky food, raw and cold food, because they can make your body produce more moisture. Do not rush to lie down or sleep after meals, which will directly lead to moisture in the body due to slow food transport. < / P > < p > the meridians of your kidney and spleen and stomach all originate from your feet, and your feet are as important as the roots of plants. Try soaking your feet with hot water every day, which will directly supplement the heat energy from your roots to the related organs. < / P > < p > do not tear the dead skin with your hands or lick it with your tongue. It will make your lips dry and dry, causing a vicious circle. In serious cases, it may even lead to bleeding and cheilitis! < / P > < p > open the mouth as far as possible, make a “ah” sound or exhale, and then close it. Open and close the mouth rhythmically for 100 times, or for 2-3 minutes. Once a day in the morning and evening, 30-40 times each time. < / P > < p > close your lips and gently rub or rub them with the two fingers of one hand until the rubbing place turns red and you feel hot. This method can effectively maintain the shape of the mouth and improve the blood circulation of the mouth or gums. < / P > < p > puff up your left cheek and blow hard to let the air flow out through the left corner of your mouth. Then puff up the right cheek and blow hard to make the air flow out through the right corner of the mouth for many times; close the lips, and then puff up the two gills, press the corner of the mouth with the index finger, and then retract it for many times. Can prevent parotid muscle atrophy collapse, reduce facial wrinkles. Focus