Liu Xuan successfully gave birth to a second child girl. Behind both children, it is not easy to have a child at an advanced age

Liu Xuan, a gymnastic champion who was also active on the big screen a few years ago, was suddenly out of news after joining the big family. Netizens speculated that Liu Xuan should be preparing to be a full-time housewife and take her baby to enjoy her life.

it turns out that as early as July, Liu Xuan shared her recent situation on her personal second child platform. It turns out that Liu Xuan was pregnant with a second child and was at ease waiting for birth at home!

a few days ago, Liu Xuan also shared her pregnancy experience on the social networking site. She said that she had a very big stomach when she was pregnant. Everyone said that she was pregnant with twins. In the last few weeks, she had acne on her stomach, which was extremely itchy. Later to see a doctor in the hospital to solve the problem of acne during pregnancy.

a few days later, the news that Liu Xuan had a second child and gave birth to a daughter went on the hot search, and took a picture of Dabao looking at his mother and sister with big, dull eyes from the first perspective.

according to the media, Liu Xuan’s eldest son was named manly. I don’t know what name the second daughter will be named. Congratulations to Liu Xuan and her children!

many elderly mothers will face such a situation, and choosing a second pregnancy is a very big risk. Elderly women not only in pregnancy will appear a variety of conditions, in childbirth, but also meet with a greater risk than normal childbearing age mothers, postpartum repair will also be more slow than the younger maternal recovery.

with the growth of maternal age, many Baoma’s physical functions will decline to varying degrees after reaching 35 years old. If you want to give birth to a healthy baby, you need to do a good job in the physiological and psychological construction before pregnancy.

relevant data show that the probability of abnormal children during pregnancy is as high as 5% for women over 30 years old, and 7% for women over 35 years old.

it is equivalent to that most of the elderly mothers will have different degrees of unhappiness during pregnancy, after childbirth, or during lactation, resulting in psychological state of great pressure.

Baoma has entered the middle-aged stage, and there are corresponding hidden dangers in her physical fitness and health. Baoma should do a complete health screening before pregnancy to ensure that Baoma is suitable for giving birth to a second child before pregnancy.

during pregnancy preparation, we should also do a good job in psychological construction to ensure that Baoma maintains a healthy and positive mood during pregnancy, and will not be in a state of anxiety for a long time because of various accidents during pregnancy.

you can walk outdoors at ordinary times, strengthen physical exercise and promote cell metabolism. Only in this way can the uterus maintain its due elasticity and lay a healthy and comfortable “cot” for Taibao. 20