Liu Yifei in the picture originally looks like this. She is very elegant in her skirt, but her belly is too heavy

Nowadays, many people think that stars’ skin condition is very common in their daily life. The reason why they have perfect photos is that they have been processed by professional photography team. But in fact, it is not the case. Many stars can also show perfect visual effects under the lens of passers-by. Liu Yifei is one of them.

it has to be said that Liu Yifei is also very beautiful under the camera of passers-by. Her skin is compact and white, and her skirt shows her elegant temperament. In this issue, Mianmian would like to share with you Liu Yifei’s clothes. Girls with fair skin can learn quickly!

we can see that Liu Yifei’s dress is made of a dress skirt. This dress skirt on her body is designed with a stitched waistcoat, and it looks narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. Such a dress can not only make the overall effect look more temperament, but also help us easily show a full sense of elegance.

the simple color matching makes the dress look more advanced. The pattern on the skirt can also make the overall effect look playful. However, the fat around the waist is still pulled out by the skirt, which is the only deficiency in wearing.

as this dress is designed in a long style, the skirt length can even directly touch the ground. At this time, we should pay attention to the skirt length when we choose clothes. Even if we want to create a “mop dress skirt” to wear, we also need to find a skirt that just touches the floor.

* wearing knowledge: after wearing such a skirt, it can not only show the effect of “mopping the floor”, but also it is not so easy to feel embarrassed when walking on the skirt. And the right skirt length can make our overall look more delicate and elegant, so as to show women’s tenderness incisively and vividly.

Mianmian suggests that you should not start with these dresses on the Internet. After you try them on in a physical store, you can see more intuitively whether you are suitable for a skirt. In this way, it will be easier to choose a suitable skirt.

* wear knowledge: if we have to start dress online, then we need to measure our own circumference and height. After measuring, we can choose the dress according to the size chart, which makes it easier to find the dress suitable for us!

this dress will show our shoulder skin, so as to achieve the visual effect of proper skin exposure. Although in life most of the shoulder is more beautiful, but it does not mean that all people’s shoulder skin condition is very good.

because some girls don’t use body milk, the quality of shoulder skin is very different from that of face skin. In order to make the skin appear more beautiful, it is recommended that you do the work of “Concealer” in the shoulder when making the wear.

* wear knowledge: in fact, there are many ways of concealing defects on the shoulder, such as shawls, translucent little coats and other clothing that can cover the details of shoulders. These are easy to create.

if you want to show your shoulders completely, you can also use cosmetics to deal with them. This can not only cover the shoulder defects, but also make the overall effect look more elegant.

Liu Yifei is also very beautiful under the camera of passers-by. Her skin is compact and white, and her skirt shows her elegant temperament. Many people will be excited to see this kind of dress. If you think this kind of dress is suitable for you, you can try it. To create this kind of dress, we only need to pay attention to the above two details, and the overall visual effect will be perfect.

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