Liver bad woman, the body will prompt 6 kinds of “signal”! If you don’t want to get old, do more of these two things

Introduction: as the old saying goes, when the liver is healthy, the heart, spleen, lung and kidney will be improved. The relationship between the five organs is actually complementary.

a woman’s liver is to nourish her face. If a woman’s liver is not good, it can be seen from her face. For women with Qi deficiency or blood deficiency, nourishing liver is very necessary for female friends.

this is mainly caused by the decline of liver function, which is very common in people who often stay up late. Staying up late can easily lead to increased skin oil secretion, endocrine disorders can cause more acne and acne. If facial acne closed mouth increase, need to adjust to be able to remove. Therefore, we should develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early so as to avoid the unhealthy face caused by staying up late.

when the liver load reaches a certain level, the face will appear yellow and dull, and in severe cases, chloasma will be formed. In addition, insufficient liver blood supply will also cause facial blood to disappear, which is a big blow to female friends. If the body’s liver excretion is abnormal, it will lead to the accumulation of toxins, which will make the skin dim for a long time.

when a woman’s liver is damaged, her body shows that her hair is usually greasy and her hair loss is serious. This is because the liver detoxification system is abnormal, resulting in the accumulation of impurities in the body, the circulatory function is blocked. If your hair loss is serious and your hair is greasy, you should take good care of your liver from now on.

women with liver blood deficiency are prone to dry eyes, red eyes and itchy eyes. When there is such a sign, do not rub with your hands, it is easy to damage the cornea tissue. If long-term dry eyes, itching and red performance, indicating that there is a problem with the liver, may be caused by liver blood shortage, so, take good care of the liver.

if you fart frequently recently, it may be that the liver has pathological changes. When the liver function is damaged, the water in the body will accumulate in the abdominal cavity, forming “ascites” and accompanied by stomach flatulence. This may be due to liver depression and qi stagnation, so it is very important to properly nourish the liver.

many people know that yellow urine is caused by fire, but they don’t know whether they are false fire or real fire. If the concentration of bilirubin in the body is too high, the urine will become dark yellow. Therefore, what you need to do is to reduce staying up late, have light nutrition, drink more Jianggan tea, and urinate naturally.

for female friends, nourishing liver is to nourish one’s beauty. The simplest and effective way to nourish liver is to drink Yanggan tea, which is not only good for health, but also has a life style. I’ll thank you for drinking this kind of tea regularly.

jiulvkangqinggan can remove toxins in the liver, reduce liver fire, and nourish and protect the liver. The following three natural ingredients and dandelion, wolfberry, Imperata root, burdock root combination is very effective in preventing liver disease.

according to relevant statistics, in recent years, there are more and more liver disease patients in China. A large part of the reason is related to the irregular daily life. Modern people are under great pressure and often stay up late because of their work.

staying up late and working overtime often may lead to liver failure to detoxify normally and reduce human immunity, thus increasing the chance of virus invasion into liver and inducing liver disease. It is suggested to give the body more time to rest, and don’t let yourself be too tired, so that the skin will be very good. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE