Liver cirrhosis most “fear” 1 water, if you like to drink, halitosis disappeared, the liver will “thank” you

Among the existing chronic diseases, liver cirrhosis is a relatively serious one. Because it will affect the normal operation of our liver, but also cause other organs to produce adverse reactions. But liver cirrhosis is a disease that has been dragged out a lot. Because in the early stage of liver disease, we can not find out in time, which leads to the best treatment time missed, so the disease will slowly deteriorate, and finally a big outbreak.

halitosis is a common phenomenon of liver cirrhosis, and it is also a standard to judge liver cirrhosis. Due to the appearance of liver cirrhosis, our liver function will be correspondingly decreased, which will cause the ammonia metabolism in the body to be affected and can not be completely metabolized out. At this time, the blood ammonia content in the body will rise rapidly, and then be discharged by our mouth, which will produce halitosis.

although halitosis is closely related to unclean oral hygiene, halitosis caused by liver cirrhosis has a smell of rotten fruit, which can not be completely removed by brushing teeth.

ascites is a phenomenon that will occur before the arrival of liver cirrhosis, which also indicates that liver disease has been relatively serious. When the liver is damaged, the body’s albumin will be reduced, this time will also cause ascites, and patients will have obvious abdominal pain, vomiting and abdominal distension, so once to this point, we must go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

this kind of symptom is common in many diseases, so when you have such symptoms, you should first determine what causes it and make correct judgment before taking medicine. Because the body’s liver lesions will also have such characteristics, resulting in the body’s synthetic function is affected, the synthesis of cholinesterase is reduced, at this time, the combination between the muscles and nerves of our body will also be blocked, which will lead to body fatigue.

drinking water every day can help us promote the smooth progress of various functions of the body, and it can also help detoxify the liver. When drinking water, you can soak some liver nourishing plants, such as chrysanthemum, medlar, etc., and chrysanthemum cassia seed tea just contains these ingredients, which can help us reduce liver toxicity in the body and prevent liver cirrhosis, fatty liver and other diseases.

exercise is very important to the health of the body. If we exercise regularly, our body will be strong and powerful. Moreover, it can improve the body’s immune cells and reduce the occurrence of chronic liver disease. When we exercise, we sweat, can promote the body to eliminate toxins, while reducing the body’s lipid, such as jogging, Tai Chi are very good exercise methods.

high fat food is very common in our life, such as fried chicken leg, braised pork, etc., which are delicious and high-fat food, but we all like to eat it. This is easy to lead to our liver fat accumulation, a long time, easy to induce fatty liver, for the body is very bad. So we still need to cut down on high-fat food and be a balanced eater.

many people think it’s very delicious to go out and get together with friends after a day’s work. But I was in a good mood at that time, but such a life was very harmful to our health, especially staying up late affected the detoxification of our liver. In the long run, our liver would not be burdened and liver disease would occur. Moreover, staying up late will also lead to dark circles under the eyes, which will affect the beauty. In this way, girls will have to use eye cream for a long time, which is also a very expensive expense. Therefore, we advise you to go to bed early and not be addicted to staying up late. Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging