Liver disease is “drag” out, the body has these manifestations, liver or has begun to lesions, early examination

As the saying goes, a healthy liver is very important for us. Bad liver can be seen both in US and in parts of us. It has many special physiological functions, which are difficult to be replaced by other organs. < / P > < p > for example, hepatitis and liver cirrhosis can cause black face and yellow eyes, which may be caused by insufficient blood in the liver and insufficient nutrition for the body. Long term eyes will be dry, there will be obvious dark circles. < / P > < p > the liver has a great relationship with blood, one of which is to be able to circulate blood. If the blood flows without warning, it means that your liver participates in the regulation and decline of blood coagulation. We must pay attention to prevention. < / P > < p > no strength, fatigue and numbness of limbs are related to the liver. If the alcohol patient is suffering from memory loss, hand shaking and other phenomena. According to traditional Chinese medicine, liver returns to the soul. When sleeping, the heart needs blood nourishment to sleep well, but if the blood does not nourish in time, there will be long night dreams and insomnia. < p > < p > anger is the most harmful behavior of human liver. Liver Qi needs a peaceful state of mind and emotions to support the normal operation of our body. Maintenance of blood circulation, if the body is angry and rapid resulting in liver coagulation disorders, it will interfere with our health. < / P > < p > now life is a fast-paced life, so the liver is often fragile. Many bad habits will make the liver self-healing ability decline, such as staying up late. When it comes to repairing, the body still hasn’t got a rest, which will only increase the burden on the liver. According to the traditional Chinese medicine of nourishing liver, the gallbladder meridian on the lateral side of the leg can also relieve liver qi and regulate liver blood. It’s also great for people in the office. < p > < p > Arctium lappa root: reduce cholesterol, help defecation. Diuretic disinfection can be used as medicine and food materials, just like the existence of active oxygen species in human body, it has high nutritional value.

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