Liver disease is “drag” out, there are 4 symptoms, most of the liver is bad, 1 way to raise the liver

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the liver is the official of a general, and the strategy comes from it.”. Liver is like a general. Once there is an invasion of “foreign enemies” in the body, it will plan out and fight bravely. “Liver is the liver”, even if you are injured, you will not cry out easily. In modern clinical practice, the liver is an organ without peripheral nerves, so it is called “dumb organ”. Moreover, the liver has a very strong self-healing and compensatory function. As long as 1 / 3 of the liver can work normally, it will not easily show abnormalities.

because of this, liver damage is difficult for many people to find out in time, and liver disease will be “delayed” until it is serious before going to see a doctor.

when a person has a fever, most people think it is a cold or upper respiratory tract infection. If you have a fever for several consecutive days, no matter what method you use, you should be cautious.

many times, liver problems will induce digestive abnormalities, mainly liver damage, which will affect the secretion of bile to a certain extent, thus affecting digestion, such as diarrhea, dyspepsia, lack of appetite, etc. In addition, loss of appetite will also lead to the body need nutrients, heat can not be timely replenished, will lead to body weight loss.

clinically, some patients with liver diseases may have abnormal skin manifestations, such as dark and dull complexion, or unexplained pruritus, yellow eyes or skin, etc. at this time, attention should be paid to jaundice and seek medical advice in time.

the liver is not good and needs to be recuperated slowly. Chinese medicine diet conditioning is a common method. The Yanggan prescription originated from Zhongzhong is improved and upgraded. It takes gange, Wumai, puerarin, medlar, cassia seed, licorice and other food materials. Its ingredients have the effects of nourishing liver and protecting liver, expelling liver toxicity and repairing damaged liver cells. Therefore, these ingredients are combined to form gange povating oral liquid. After one cup of rice every day, it can quickly nourish the liver and help to regulate liver disease.

some people are addicted to alcohol, which is called “alcohol dependence”. If you don’t drink, you will easily have symptoms such as anxiety, shaking hands and sweating.

if a large amount of alcohol is consumed for a long time, the liver burden will be increased, alcoholic hepatitis will be induced, and severe alcoholic liver cirrhosis will be developed. Good liver, usually best not to drink, can drink some tea, conducive to detoxification, reduce the burden of liver metabolism.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the liver governs the release of Qi”, while “anger hurts the liver”. People who love to be angry often tend to cause stagnation of liver qi and blood flow, which will make toxins in the body unable to be discharged in time and affect health.