Liver fire is exuberant, what expression, how should do

Clinical hyperactivity of liver fire can be manifested as headache, dizziness, red eyes, sore face, bitter mouth and dry mouth, irritability, irritability, irritability and irritability, sharp red tongue edge, yellow fur, powerful pulse string number; serious cases can appear mania, or hematemesis, hemoptysis, bleeding, etc. < / P > < p > the flowers with complete, bright color, fragrance and no impurities are preferred. Chrysanthemum taste sweet and bitter, cool nature. It can disperse wind, clear heat, clear eyes and detoxify. It is commonly used to treat headache, dizziness, red eyes, upset and hot heart, prickly sore, swelling and toxin and other symptoms of liver fire. < p > < p > into the liver and kidney meridian. Can clear liver, eyesight, diuresis, catharsis. Clinical treatment of wind heat, red eye, green blindness, freckles, hypertension, hepatitis, cirrhosis ascites, habitual constipation. < p > < p > into the liver and kidney meridian. It can nourish kidney and essence, nourish liver and improve eyesight. Clinical treatment of liver and kidney yin deficiency, waist and knee weakness, dizziness, vision loss, thirst, spermatorrhea. 08/16/2020