Liver has 6 fear, what is it? Chinese medicine: do two things well, expel liver poison, reduce liver fire, liver will be better

The liver is a very powerful organ in the body, but it is also a very fragile organ. If you do not pay attention to it, it may cause some damage to the liver and even induce liver disease. In our daily life, there are many liver injury behaviors. Chinese medicine has summed up the six fears for us, and how to easily maintain the liver. After the liver has been raised, the body will be healthy and painless.

the first fear of the liver is medicine. The medicine may act on the focus after taking the stomach, but the toxic ingredients often need the liver to help detoxify, and the drug is three parts toxic, so if there is a small cold or something, it’s best not to take medicine. If you can’t avoid taking medicine, it’s best to do it under the guidance of a doctor. We should also remind us that we should eat less health products at ordinary times, which will bring pressure to the liver and cause certain damage to the liver.

the second liver is particularly afraid of being greasy. Some people just like cooking heavy oil, and usually prefer foods with high fat content. However, these fats can not be directly digested by the stomach, but need bile secretion from the liver to help digestion. Therefore, eating greasy food is a great work burden for the liver, and long-term eating like this will increase the risk of fatty liver.

the third liver is particularly afraid of staying up late. Modern people, especially young people, like to stay up late. Maybe because of their youth, they always think that their bodies can adjust themselves independently. There is no problem. In fact, mental depression caused by staying up late may be relatively mild harm. Staying up late often may increase the workload of the liver, and eventually cause liver overdraft, which not only reduces immunity, but also increases the risk of liver disease.

the fourth liver is afraid of bad temper. Many people can get angry because of some small things, which not only destroys the good mood, but also leads to liver damage. Because the liver is most afraid of stagnation of liver qi, which is likely to lead to the normal function of the liver blocked, and usually may be frequent liver fire exuberant, and the final damage may be the real health of the body.

the fifth liver is also afraid of moldy food. Some leftovers should be disposed of in time, and should not be sent to their own stomach, because it is likely to have moldy, even if you can not see the mildew, or to remove the moldy parts, it is impossible to completely remove the aflatoxin on the top, and there will be a lot of aflatoxins, which not only damage the health of the liver, but also induce Cancer of the liver.

sixth, it can be said that the liver is most afraid of alcohol. Drinking is a small matter, but it is a big problem for the liver, because alcohol is to be metabolized in the liver, and this substance is extremely harmful to the liver, whether it is itself or after decomposition of the substance, for the liver is damaged, serious even can lead to alcoholic liver and cirrhosis.

the first thing to do is to manage your life well. To avoid eating too much greasy, moldy food, and less alcohol, and finally should drink more Chrysanthemum and medlar tea, which can effectively protect the liver; the second is to avoid staying up late, use a healthy way for health preservation, do not eat all kinds of drugs, control their emotions, and look at everything.

secondly, we can try some small actions to nourish the liver. For example, in the leisure of work, stand on tiptoe, so that their liver qi can get a certain supplement; leisure down, often massage their inner thighs, can gently tap, can also slowly rub, can effectively stimulate the liver meridian, help the liver to maintain normal function, can also effectively reduce liver fire.

to sum up, the protection of the liver should not be careless, and there are many liver injury behaviors in our life. Therefore, we should avoid the above-mentioned liver injury behaviors, and at the same time, we should also do more things to protect the liver. Only when the liver is strong can we be healthy. Information sharing for epilepsy patients