Liver is an important detoxification organ of human body. How to keep liver well? Six points of liver nourishing diet

Liver is an indispensable organ in our body. The quality of liver is closely related to our life and eating habits. With a good liver, other organs of the body can play a better role.

spicy food is very fragrant, but it also brings many hidden dangers. This kind of food with strong irritancy is easy to make our digestive tract damp and hot. The mixture of damp and heat will make our liver and gallbladder Qi imbalance, and the digestive function of the liver will be weakened.

there is a saying that we should all have heard of. It’s called “three kinds of drugs”. Some drugs contain many side effects, some of which may endanger lives. Once symptoms appear, the first thing that will hurt is our liver. It can be seen how harmful drug abuse and antibiotics are to our health.

for some people who are not in good health and suffer from hepatitis, because the liver has been damaged, if they eat some turtle, protein, lean meat and other foods with high protein content at this time, it is easier to cause indigestion and abdominal distention.

when the liver is in a damaged state, it can’t balance the copper in our body well, and it is easy to accumulate in the liver. Too much copper can damage our liver cells, and also cause kidney problems. Therefore, people with poor liver should try to eat less squid, jellyfish, shrimp, snails and other foods with high copper content.

for some reprocessed foods, such as bottled cans, we should eat less, because these foods usually have a characteristic and have a long storage period, so some preservatives will be added to these foods, which is more or less toxic to our liver.

the number of people who often smoke has some problems with the liver. Smoking can accelerate the fibrosis of our liver, which makes the various functions of our liver begin to decline. Not only drinking will aggravate alcohol, but also smoking will aggravate. When the smoke is burning, the concentration of nicotine also rises, and this harmful substance is mainly metabolized, detoxified and detoxified through our liver and lung. Long term smoking causes heavy workload in the operation of liver and lung, and the liver cells are damaged and difficult to regenerate over time.

moderate drinking is helpful to our health, can relieve our mental pressure, life pressure, but regular drinking is not good for our body, when wine into our body, about 90% of the alcohol in the wine is basically decomposed by our liver, when the alcohol content in the body reaches a certain amount, the liver can not work normally If you can’t bear the pressure, it will accumulate in the liver. In the long run, it will increase the risk of alcoholic liver disease.

no matter whether your liver has problems or is healthy, the first thing to do is to quit smoking, alcohol and smoking. It’s always bad to drink and smoke, especially for some holiday meals. You have to get drunk. This is very incorrect. After a long time, the liver is injured by a lot of alcohol. Not only the liver is damaged, but also other parts of the body will have problems.

the operation of our human body is inseparable from water, and so is the liver. So drinking enough water every day can help reduce the pressure of the liver. Adding some chrysanthemum, honeysuckle and burdock roots in the water can play a role in maintaining the liver.

chrysanthemum: we all know that the greatest effect of chrysanthemum is to remove heat. In fact, chrysanthemum can also help us lower blood pressure and blood fat, and also relieve eye fatigue.

burdock root: it is a very precious medicinal material with high nutritional value, rich in a variety of amino acids, dietary fiber, etc., which can effectively help liver detoxification and decomposition, and also can effectively solve the problem of poor defecation.

these three ingredients will be made into tea bags with Lycium barbarum, Osmanthus fragrans and Cassia obtusifolia. It’s convenient to drink and drink. One to three cups a day will make the liver more and more healthy.

when we go into deep sleep, our body organs are in a very relaxed state. It is the liver that is often hurt by staying up late, so it is very important to keep a good sleep habit. Try to get into sleep before 11:00, which is more conducive to the cultivation and recovery of our body organs.

people who are irritable and irritable are usually in unstable mood, which indicates that they have a lot of anger. It’s important to keep a good attitude. We should understand that anger and anger can’t solve the fundamental problem, and may make things worse, so we should learn to control our emotions well.

conclusion: if we want to have a healthy body and a good liver, we need to supervise ourselves more at ordinary times. We should not neglect our health because of our temporary happiness, and develop healthy and reasonable eating habits and living habits. Only in this way can we become more healthy. 08/16/2020