Liver is bad, the foot will appear these 3 kinds of symptoms, if you have all, the liver has been “unbearable”

Staying up late is a health killer, but it is easy for us to underestimate the harm of staying up late because the injury to people is internal injury and the symptoms are not particularly obvious. < / P > < p > these are the hazards of staying up late, and there are more than these. If we want to be healthy and smart, we’d better go to bed on time like a child. < / P > < p > after alcohol enters the human body, due to its small molecules, it will run around unscrupulously in the human body, paralyzing part of the nerves, so it will appear the symptoms of depression after drinking. < / P > < p > excessive drinking can also lead to oral cancer, esophageal cancer, laryngeal cancer, liver cirrhosis or liver cancer. Because most of the alcohol entering the human body is metabolized by the liver, and the process of metabolism will lead to the death of some liver cells, so it is not accurate to say that drinking alcohol will definitely damage the liver. < p > < p > because the liver governs metabolism, after food enters the intestine and stomach, it will be digested and absorbed by the digestive tract, and the nutrients obtained will be handed over to the liver for treatment. The liver converts these nutrients that the human body can’t directly absorb into substances that can be used by us. < / P > < p > if you eat too much fish and meat, you will be too busy in the liver, and a lot of fat will not be metabolized in time, which will make the fat remain in the liver, form fatty liver, and even lead to liver cancer. < / P > < p > if you look at a child’s feet, you can find that the normal feet are pink, tender and bloody. If the liver is not good, the channels are blocked and the color of the sole of the foot will change. < / P > < p > when you find that the soles of your feet are very white, not ruddy and have white spots, you should be alert to the health of your liver. Because there are a lot of meridians on the foot, under the condition of smooth blood flow, it is not good to have a lot of white spots and the sole of the foot. < / P > < p > liver function is damaged, the liver can not metabolize bilirubin normally, bilirubin will return to blood vessels, bilirubin is yellow, it will make feet look yellow. The sole drying does not mean that the cocoons on the feet are relatively dry, but that there will be peeling on the feet for no reason and for a long time, sometimes both hands and feet will peel off. This is also caused by poor liver function. < p > < p > the liver governs the drainage and also stores the blood. If the liver is damaged, the blood volume will be reduced, and the extremities of the body will be often ischemic, and if not enough nutrients can be obtained, the feet will be dry and desquamated. < / P > < p > it can not only eliminate the tiredness of a day, but also nourish the viscera and help the body to discharge toxins and garbage. Only when the body and spirit get good rest can people keep healthy for a long time. < / P > < p > drinking water has many benefits, and water is a necessary substance for human life activities. People with poor liver can add Chinese herbal medicine for nourishing liver and health care when drinking water, and drink continuously, which has the effect of calming the liver and regulating qi, dispersing wind and radiating heat. < p > < p > after rubbing the palms relative to the hands every day, and then reheating and rubbing the gate acupoints, the liver damage can be alleviated and a certain regulating effect can be played. Rub for 5 minutes every day, with slight fever as the best. Focus