Liver is not good, after getting up the body will send a reminder, abnormal performance accounted for all, suggesting that you should nourish the liver

Liver is a very important organ in human body, which can store blood, expel toxin and promote digestion. Nowadays, the incidence rate of liver diseases is increasing, and the number of people with liver diseases is increasing. Liver is not good, the functions of the liver can not play a role, affect the normal operation of the body, the impact on health is relatively large. Liver is not good, after getting up in the morning, the body will have a reminder, if found, should be timely liver. < p > < p > performance 1: dry mouth, bitter mouth and bad breath. The liver has the function of detoxification, the liver is good, the toxin and garbage can be discharged in time, the internal environment is clean, and the breath will be more fresh naturally. If you wake up every morning, your breath is turbid, you have dry mouth, bitter mouth and bad breath, and you have no oral problems, it means that the liver fire is too strong. If the liver fire is too strong, the courage will rise, and the breath will become turbid. < / P > < p > performance 2: uncomfortable eyes and much dropsy. After a night’s rest, after waking up in the morning, the eyes should be relatively fresh. If the liver is not good, stagnation of liver qi, liver dampness and heat and other problems, the eyes can not get sufficient blood supply and repair at night. After getting up, the eyes will feel red, dry and itchy, and some people will have more eye droppings and eye droppings can be silky. < p > < p > eye discomfort after getting up in the morning is a sign of liver damage. If your eyes are not only often itchy and dry, but also change color and turn yellow, we should pay attention to it, indicating that the liver damage is more serious, liver lesions have occurred, we should timely check and nourish the liver. The third manifestation is nausea. After a night of digestion, in addition to getting up a little hungry, there will be no other digestive system discomfort performance. If you often feel nauseous when you wake up, brushing your teeth, going to the toilet, or eating breakfast, the feeling of nausea and vomiting always accompanies you, suggesting liver damage. The liver is not good, the body’s toxin becomes more, the gallbladder is affected, the digestion ability drops, easy to appear the feeling of nausea and vomiting. < / P > < p > we can know whether the liver is strong or not by the performance after getting up in the morning. The plan of the day is in the morning. After getting up in the morning, this period is also the golden period for nourishing the liver. If you can grasp it and do something helpful to nourish the liver, the liver will become stronger. < / P > < p > drinking warm boiled water can accelerate the blood circulation in the body, so that the liver can get blood nourishment in time. It can also accelerate metabolism, promote the excretion of toxins and metabolic waste, improve the internal environment, reduce the burden for the liver, and help to improve the liver’s ability of detoxification. < p > < p > breakfast is very important to the liver, and it is easy to damage the liver if you don’t eat breakfast. Not only to eat breakfast, but also reasonable with breakfast, breakfast should have coarse grain, fruit, eggs, vegetables these four kinds of food, to provide vitamins, protein and other nutrients for the liver, enhance liver function. < / P > < p > stool and urine are the metabolites of human body and should be discharged in time. If accumulated in the body for a long time, it will increase the detoxification burden of the liver. After getting up should be timely defecation and urination, if there is constipation problem, before defecation can knead abdomen, promote abdominal blood circulation, accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote the excretion of stool. < / P > < p > the morning is the key period of nourishing the liver. If there are signs of liver failure, we should timely nourish the liver. In addition to nourishing the liver, we should also do less harm to the liver, such as smoking, drinking, drinking drinks, eating too greasy food in the morning, and so on. We should also exercise appropriately, eat a balanced diet, maintain adequate sleep and good mentality, and the liver will be more healthy. 08/16/2020