Liver “poison” attack, shoulder prophet? Shoulder 1 “abnormal”, do not be careless, timely intervention

People who have been to the hospital have such questions. For example, if it’s just a little itchy, the doctor has to do this test, that test or draw blood. Many people who don’t understand will think that this is a doctor’s misdiagnosis and that they just have some small problems. Are doctors trying to make more money? < / P > < p > in fact, it is not. Quite a lot of diseases are very mild in the initial stage, and there are many similarities. Therefore, in daily life, we should pay more attention to observe your physical condition. < / P > < p > many people will think that shoulder pain is caused by overuse, and it will be better if you exercise more. However, it may also be caused by liver injury. Shoulder and neck pain caused by poor liver is dull pain, lacking of clear pain points, and can not be relieved no matter how much rest. < / P > < p > the appearance of liver palms is characterized by flaky redness at the thenar of the thumb and little finger roots, and the palm is the normal color of the palm. And accompanied by the body appeared small red dot symptoms. < / P > < p > iron metabolism is controlled by the liver. After liver injury, iron stored in liver cells will melt into the blood and deposit on the surface of skin, resulting in dark face. < / P > < p > if you eat heavy food or your teeth are not clean, you can really bring some peculiar smell to your mouth. However, if you feel bad breath when you get up in the morning, it is accompanied by dry mouth and bitter mouth, which is mostly caused by poor liver qi. This kind of halitosis is difficult to eliminate easily. If you drink enough water to nourish the liver for two days, you need more water to nourish the liver in one day, Arctium lappa root, honeysuckle, wolfberry fruit, osmanthus and other natural liver nourishing and liver protecting small plants, long-term drinking, promote liver detoxification, maintain liver health. < / P > < p > it is absorbed by the intestines and stomach when toasting, but ethanol needs to be metabolized by the liver. The liver metabolizes ethanol and produces a substance called acetaldehyde, which can not only damage the nervous system and make people in a trance, but also directly kill liver cells, causing dry printing and fatty liver production. Over exertion will reduce the body’s resistance, which will easily breed various diseases. Especially, overwork is most likely to damage the liver, resulting in the liver detoxification and metabolic capacity greatly reduced. < / P > < p > when you eat too much fat, you will cause fatty liver, which will affect the metabolic capacity of the liver. Most of the fat in the human body is produced by diet. If you eat more meat and less vegetables, you will have unbalanced nutrition and excessive fat. Therefore, a reasonable diet structure is the premise of ensuring liver health. When eating, as long as you pay attention to the comprehensive nutrition intake, but each should not be excessive. Pets