Liver “sick” but not painful? How to distinguish liver health

Introduction: the liver has the so-called “dumb organ” commonly known, because there is no pain nerve on the liver, so even if there is a problem, it is difficult to find out the problem immediately, and it is usually in the middle and late stage when it is detected. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t detect liver lesions early. If you find yourself with these abnormalities, be aware that your liver is already sick.

the liver is the necessary organ for blood storage and circulation. All blood in the body will flow through the liver every 3-5 minutes. This, to a certain extent, filters impurities in the blood and warms the blood flowing through it. If the content of impurities in the blood becomes more and more poor, the blood will become more and more viscous. When passing through capillaries, impurities can not pass through, which will form aggregation, resulting in rough skin and pigment accumulation, forming the so-called “liver spot”.

obviously, I brush my teeth frequently every day, and I don’t eat much food with strong taste. However, the bad breath in my mouth is very serious and it doesn’t disappear all the time? In fact, halitosis is often caused by liver disease. The metabolism of the human body will produce some ammonia and urea, which are generally processed by the liver. If the liver function declines, the substances that should be treated by the liver will accumulate in the body, and part of them will be discharged from the body with the respiratory system. And these substances often have a pungent smell, which is why there is bad breath.

under normal circumstances, our nails should be glossy, tough and hard. However, if the liver function is damaged and the liver blood supply is not enough, there will be many cracks on the nail, and it is very easy to break.

the liver will secrete a certain amount of bile to participate in the work of the body. Once the liver gradually hardens, the bile that should have been secreted into the body can not be discharged normally, and the bilirubin in the blood will continue to increase, leading to a sudden increase in jaundice, which makes the sclera yellow.

spider nevus is also a manifestation of liver inactivation failure. As mentioned above, the liver will decompose excess estrogen, but when the liver can’t deal with the excess estrogen well, it will lead to the increase of estrogen level in the body, stimulate the capillary permeability increase, and the subcutaneous bleeding point will appear, which is the red mesh, which is commonly known as spider nevus.

these symptoms usually appear in the case of excessive eye use, lack of sleep or prolonged exposure to the sun. However, if you get enough sleep and rarely receive the sun, but you find that the dark parts around the eyes are becoming more and more obvious and tend to expand, you should pay more attention. The liver has the function of inactivating estrogen to keep estrogen in the normal range. The decrease of liver activity will lead to the increase of estrogen content, which will increase the melanin and deposit around the eyes.

seeing that only a small part of moldy food is moldy, many people will think it is too wasteful to throw away the whole food, so they choose to cut off the moldy part and eat only the non moldy part. In fact, the mildew that our eyes can see is caused by the breeding of a large number of aflatoxins. The infection of mold on food is invasive. The part without mildew is not without mold, but the content of mold is low. Aflatoxin is highly toxic, and it will bring great burden and damage to the liver if it is eaten into the body.

in fact, an appropriate amount of alcohol with a low alcohol content can promote blood circulation and soften blood vessels, which is beneficial to the body. However, we should pay attention to a certain amount of everything. If we drink a lot of alcohol for a long time, the alcohol that enters the body will not be able to pass out of the body in time. In the long run, the liver will not be able to afford it, and even damage the liver cells.

when there is a small problem in some parts of the body, many people often choose not to seek medical treatment immediately, but to fight with their own immune system and recovery ability, which often aggravates the burden on the liver. At the same time, some problems are the manifestations of liver damage in other parts. If we ignore these problems and have no way to go to the hospital for examination, we will miss many opportunities to find out and solve the problems early.

nourishing the liver is generally divided into three steps: expelling toxins from the body, replenishing qi and blood, and relieving emotions. All these three steps can be achieved through diet therapy.

summary: the importance of liver to human body does not need to be repeated. Find out the liver problem in time, and don’t regret that the disease is difficult to cure because of negligence. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!