Long life people, usually have these seven habits, if you have all of them, Congratulations, longevity will also care for you

Everyone yearns for a long life. With the improvement of living environment, material level and overall living standard, people pay more attention to health and longevity: there are congenital factors and acquired factors that determine health and longevity. Genetic inheritance is the congenital factor, and the law of life, diet structure, personality and habits are the acquired factors.

we can’t shake the innate factors, but we can change the acquired factors, from the law of life and diet structure to the adjustment of mentality. We can’t go against birth, aging, and death, but health is firmly in our hands. If we change some behaviors in our lives, we may live a long and healthy life and live a peaceful life.

walking, running, dancing, playing ball, climbing, healthy people always have a habit of “moving”. Let yourself move. Not only will the legs and feet become more flexible, but also the bones will be healthy and help the recovery of cardiopulmonary function. During exercise, it can metabolize body fat, control normal weight range and reduce the production of hypertension.

light and heavy weight can cause some diseases. Weight reflects the health of the human body. Too thin people, easy to weak Qi and blood. People who are too heavy on their cardiovascular system are mostly not good. With the growth of age, they are easy to suffer from “three high”. The body weight of long-lived people fluctuates less, and there is no big fluctuation from young to old.

mood affects people’s life span. Open minded people have fewer physical diseases, because the dopamine produced by happy mood can make people young and help them operate various organs. Moreover, the more open-minded people are, the less unhappy things in their life will be, and the more relaxed they will become. This is a virtuous circle. In the long run, they will be healthy and in a good mood.

black sesame, black beans and black rice are common foods on the table of people who live a long life. Black sesame can nourish Qi and kidney, moisten intestines and defecation, strengthen body, beautify and beautify the face; black beans can nourish yin and kidney, effectively relieve menopausal syndrome; black rice with medicinal value can nourish yin and kidney, dredge meridians and activate blood circulation. People who live long love to eat.

anger hurts the liver, and the toxins produced by emotional ups and downs will affect the liver and other organs at the same time, so as to calm down the mind and protect the body from the influence of toxins and operate normally.

drinking water at ordinary times can meet the loss of daily water. If we put some small Chinese herbal medicine plants in the water to maintain health, it can achieve twice the result with half the effort. We often see many elderly people holding tea cups with many health preserving plants in them. Drinking for a long time can nourish the body and effectively prevent various diseases.

the life track of a long-lived person must follow the natural law. Going to bed early and getting up early is convenient for regulating the body, promoting liver detoxification, and enhancing human immunity. Staying up late at night will hurt the liver and kidney, and affect the mental state of the next day, resulting in bad luck. Therefore, it is a guarantee for a healthy body not to stay up late and develop good living habits. HEALTHY LIFE