Long life women, there are five “common”, if you all meet, congratulations is longevity constitution

With the gradual growth of age, all aspects of the body function will gradually decline, organs will gradually aging, although this is the normal law of life. But we all hope to have a good physique, and the ultimate goal is to live a long life. However, the length of life is closely related to daily diet, life, mood and so on.

after scientific research, women have a longer life expectancy than men. Firstly, they have different physiological structures. In terms of personality, men tend to be more tolerant, and women show more expression of emotions. Secondly, women suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases far less than their male friends before menopause. So women live longer on average than men.

daily walking can reflect the health of the body from the side. Generally speaking, people with normal cardiopulmonary function can walk faster. Even if they walk fast, they don’t feel tired and tired. In addition, there is no degenerative change in the joint and bone of the leg, walking fast and without pain, which is also a common manifestation of longevity.

female friends often have cold hands and feet, especially when the weather is cold or the amount of exercise is less, serious numbness and cramps will appear. This is the performance of the blood circulation in the body is not smooth, which has a great relationship with the heart. Blood belongs to the heart, and the blood loosens to the various organs of the body, so the heart function is strong, the blood circulation will be smooth, and the body will be healthy It’s healthier.

if the facial skin is in good condition, giving people a feeling of good complexion and ruddy face, such people will generally live longer. Many people in the process of aging body aging speed up, prone to deterioration of facial skin condition, pale expression. Some people maintain properly, the body circulation metabolism ability is good, there are enough nutrients to provide, facial skin will maintain a ruddy healthy state.

with the growth of age, the quality of sleep will gradually decline. At this time, there will be a variety of problems in the body, sleep quality and viscera are inseparable from the relationship, heart and kidney, spleen and stomach weakness, liver qi stagnation, liver fire exuberant, sleep quality will be worse and worse, there will be insomnia, dreaminess, easy to wake up and other phenomena, so female friends want to maintain a good mental state, we must regulate the relationship between viscera.

black hair is a symbol of youth. However, as you get older, your hair turns white, which is normal. However, some female young appeared the hair line back, hair color yellow, hair loss phenomenon, which is related to kidney deficiency, blood circulation is not smooth, Qi and blood can not fully nourish the hair follicle, will make the hair nutrition is insufficient, will lead to hair loss.

edible oil is the main source of human fatty acids. If you eat too much fat, the body will not be able to metabolize normally, and it is easy to lead to body shape and obesity. Long time will lead to abnormal lipid metabolism, and even increase the risk of fatty liver, which is not conducive to health. If you want to live a long and healthy life, you must control the intake of edible oil. Different brands of edible oil are used together to supplement the nutrition needed by human body.

if you want to be healthy, you must quit smoking and stay away from the environment of second-hand smoke, which helps to maintain the stability of the internal environment of the human body, and is also conducive to the normal operation of various organs of the body, making the body stronger and stronger.

according to scientific research, people who have the habit of taking a nap are less than 40% likely to die of heart disease. In addition, taking a nap in the afternoon can relieve mental fatigue, release stress and improve work status. But the nap time should not be too long, preferably in 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

the daily diet should be “moderate”, not to eat too salty, too oily, too spicy, and the best amount of food should be controlled at 8 points full. Eating too much will cause a burden on the stomach and easily lead to indigestion, especially some friends with chronic diseases, high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Don’t eat too much. When the body digests food, a large amount of blood will flow into the stomach, which is very important When the brain will cause a short period of insufficient blood supply, there is no benefit to the body. Focus