Long red spot on the woman’s body, diagnosed with liver cancer, the doctor reminds: this 1 change of skin or liver cancer precursor

A month ago, when Ms. Cai, 36, took a bath, she found that she had a few small red spots protruding from her body, which did not hurt or itch. Ms. Cai did not take it seriously.

and Ms. Cai’s face turned waxy yellow, and she had nausea and vomiting from time to time, so Ms. Cai came to the hospital for examination. Unexpectedly, Ms. CAI was stunned by this examination. The diagnosis showed that alpha fetoprotein was as high as 670, which was diagnosed as liver cancer.

it is understood that Ms. Cai is in the fruit business. A few years ago, she opened a fruit shop of her own. Sometimes when the fruit is soft or there are small black spots, she will cut off the bad parts and continue to eat the rest.

the liver is responsible for the decomposition and metabolism of human toxins. If aflatoxin is ingested by the human body, the liver will be the first to be harmed. It can cause liver cell damage and even induce liver cancer. In serious cases, it may also threaten the safety of life.

and after the fruit molds, the whole fruit will be infected by aflatoxin. For example, apples, you may see that only black spots grow on the surface, but actually the inside parts are covered with mold. So fruit mildew, or grow small black spots, do not continue to eat.

to nourish the liver, first of all, do not eat food that damages the liver, such as moldy food, long-term foam fungus, pickled food, etc., which can cause direct damage to the liver, so you are advised to stay away as soon as possible.

choline: enhance the ability of liver to metabolize bilirubin, reduce the symptoms of white eyes and yellow face caused by liver injury, and accelerate the dissolution of fat.

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