Long wrinkle, how to do?

Moreover, when you are over 20 years old, the collagen of skin will be lost at a rate of about 1% every year. In addition to the ubiquitous ultraviolet radiation and invisible pressure in work and life, wrinkles often come uninvited.

today, our professional buyer team has specially consulted dermatologists on the key principles of anti wrinkle, aiming at different parts and different degrees of wrinkles, to give you a move for anti wrinkle industry!

after understanding the development form of wrinkles, we can recommend a list of anti wrinkle products from the fine lines on the eyes and face that are often found in daily life, as well as those moderate wrinkles deepened due to neglect, so that you can spend less money on the anti wrinkle road!

in addition to blinking our eyes, we usually do too much expression, use our eyes too much, sleep on our side and squeeze the eyes, etc., which will lead to the tension of the muscles around our eyes all the time, and it is easy to form fine lines in the eyes over time.

we recommend this retinol eye cream from lifequan, which contains 0.1% retinol and 0.1% retinol palmitate. The retinol component can be converted into retinoic acid through skin absorption, which can promote the proliferation of collagen and the synthesis of elastic fibers in the skin, so as to improve the fine lines around the eyes.

as an eye cream, 0.1% concentration of retinol can effectively improve the fine lines around the eyes. At the same time, it also contains caffeine, which can promote the microcirculation around the eyes and improve the vascular dark circles.

of course, the skin barrier is less fragile than the eyes. If your skin is OK, it is also an anti wrinkle old driver, or wants a better anti wrinkle effect. Do not prevent it from going directly to this 0.5% of the retinol essence milk.

in the brand’s human retinol contrast test, 36 subjects were selected. They were coated with 0.4% retinol lotion and placebo on both sides of their arms. They used up to 3 times a week for 24 weeks.

two dermatologists used quantitative scales to evaluate the tests and skin biopsy tests. After 24 weeks, there were significant differences in the scores of fine lines on both sides of their arms, and the experimental side was significantly better than the control side. In the

experiment, 0.4% retinol was used, and 0.5% of the high concentration retinol was added to this euro bond essence milk. The wrinkle resistance effect is remarkable.

in addition to its strong anti wrinkle strength, it also adopts embedded porous slow-release technology, which effectively enhances the stability of retinol and avoids its deactivation.

although the high concentration has quick effect and good effect, it is recommended to start with low concentration for those who have not used retinol products or whose skin is easily sensitive.

dry skin, look here! In addition to retinol, this ludeqing night cream also adds a variety of moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Choose it for moisturizing and anti wrinkle!

in fact, even children with elastic skin have wrinkles on their faces when they smile. But when his expression calms down, it’s hard to see the marks on his face.

However, with the increase of age, the self-renewal ability of the skin is declining. After a long-term repeated extrusion of various expressions of joy, anger, sadness and joy, it will become a static wrinkle that is difficult to rebound.

if your face is usually expressionless and your skin looks like it can be broken by blowing, but when you raise your eyebrows or laugh, shallow wrinkles will appear on the forehead, between the eyebrows, under the eyes, in the nasolabial groove, and on both sides of the edge of the mouth, which indicates that the danger signal of dynamic wrinkles has been sent out.

don’t think that there will be no wrinkles without facial expression. In fact, muscle traction occurs in the nasolabial groove, around the mouth and forehead every day and anywhere, and facial expression lines are inevitable.

acetyl hexapeptide-8 with a concentration of more than 10% can simulate the function of botulinum toxin in neurotransmitters. It can block the muscle contraction information from the local nerve transmission, ease the muscle contraction caused by expression, and then improve the fine lines produced by facial expression.

comes from the 20% concentration of six peptide SOS essence of the hylan. It adds 20% acetyl six peptide -8, collocation with acetyl four peptide -2, both synergy effect, can effectively improve your expression pattern.

is worth mentioning that it is small, lightweight, portable, and a small design with ingenious bottle mouth. When it is used, just press the small white hat to sink, let the white cap pierce the vacuum packaging, then release the essence and shake it well.

similarly, we have prepared an entry-level 10% concentration The ordinary 6 peptides for anti wrinkle novices. Home