Look down at the feet, feet have these three kinds of performance, or that blood sugar in the rise

To judge whether your blood sugar is elevated, you can know it through the changes of many parts of the body. The special changes of feet are related to the increase of blood glucose. In the process of increasing blood glucose, feet as high target organs of diabetes usually have special skin changes. < / P > < p > if we can detect the abnormality of the body and take countermeasures, we can reduce the harm of diabetes in time, otherwise we don’t pay attention to the signal of body disease, and the rising blood sugar will bring harm to the body, which may shorten the life of patients after the delay of the disease. Therefore, the observation of their feet have high blood sugar signal, need immediate treatment. < / P > < p > if you find that your heel is dry and peeling, you need to be on high alert, which means that your blood sugar is rising. Rising blood sugar will affect the function of the skin. In the process of rising blood sugar, the skin will be constantly stimulated, the local blood circulation may be blocked, the blood and nutrients cannot be provided in time, the skin is easy to appear dry, and the heel, which is often rubbed, will be dry and peeling, and even prone to pain. < / P > < p > once there is such skin change of the feet, it means that diabetes has appeared. It needs to be improved by timely treatment of the disease to prevent diabetic foot from seriously threatening health. < / P > < p > found that their feet have obvious ulcer wound formation, also represents the blood sugar in the process of rising. Some people’s diabetes is out of control, which leads to the continuous rise of blood sugar after diabetic foot, which will affect the skin, nerve and other functions of the feet. The skin becomes fragile and the resistance is weak, and it is easy to form ulcer wounds that are difficult to heal after infection. < / P > < p > it is observed that the body has this kind of change, and the disease should be alleviated by controlling blood sugar. In addition, the nursing work of the feet should be done well to avoid friction, and the wound should not be stimulated, otherwise the healing speed will be slower and slower. < / P > < p > serious diabetes can also cause damage to many parts of the body, many people’s feet are constantly numb, unable to keep relaxed, this situation is also caused by the disease. In the continuous development of diabetes, the blood vessels and nerves of the feet are damaged, the local circulation is impaired, and the peripheral neuritis is produced. The blood can not be provided to the parts needed by the body in time, and it is easy to be numb after the local circulation is impaired. In the process of sleeping, the amount of physical activity is less, local blood supply is less, numbness performance. < / P > < p > whether the blood glucose is high or not can be known by the changes of feet. Once the above symptoms appear, it means that the blood glucose is constantly rising. It is necessary to maintain the blood glucose stability through the correct way, otherwise the continuous development of diabetes will damage the function of eyes, kidneys, heart and other important organs except feet. HEALTHY LIFE