L’Oreal men’s brand new volcanic rock anti acne acne print skin care product set

L’Oreal men has always been committed to tailor-made skin care products for men, and constantly seek innovation to bring consumers a more comprehensive choice of skin care. Recently, L’Oreal men’s strong new volcanic rock oil control acne skin care products set, for men to bring a more delicate and comprehensive skin care experience. Metrosexual man, China’s

L’OREAL brand, is the first choice for China’s men’s skin care. L’OREAL men has been committed to providing professional skin care programmes for Chinese men of different ages and skins. Meanwhile, they are seeking innovation, offering men’s professional cleansing, cream, and facial mask products to provide Chinese men with more comprehensive and professional skin care choices of high quality and cost-effective. The volcano volcano oil control acne skin care set is designed for young boys who are beset by oily skin and acne skin problems. The new upgraded mineral essence is combined with LHA^’s research and development of acne blemish ingredients. It is clean, moisturizing and moisturizing three in one. Let every man have no fear of acne skin trouble, always release unlimited fresh vitality.

L’OREAL volcano volcano double cleansing acne cleansing cream contains core components, volcanic mineral essence [1] – Volcano mineral red mud effectively absorbs oil, active mineral composition of kaolin perlite, skin vitality, deep removal of grease and dirt in pores, effectively reducing acne formation; LHA^ specializes in [2], which is deep penetrating the cuticle, and clearing old deep waste corners. Quality, long-term oil control, effectively fade acne print. One week to improve acne, four weeks to weaken acne print.

L’OREAL volcano acne potion balanced dew is refreshing and absorbable, deeply penetrating the skin, containing the core component of volcano mineral essence, effectively blocking the conditions of acne formation, helping to balance the secretion of oil and keeping the skin clean and refreshing; doubly salicylic acid helps shrink pores and restore smooth skin while reducing acne; full mineral particles help restore skin condition and skin. It looks matte, healthy and not greasy.