L’Oreal’s “small milk tablets” freeze dried ampoule patted you to help you grow mercerized cream muscle

Have you ever had such an experience? “Before noon, I feel my face is a little dark and yellow”, “I have to face the computer for a long time, stay up late and work overtime, my skin is dark and loose” – your skin needs intensive care! L’Oreal small milk tablets lyophilized ampoule is new on the market, shining in 7 days, taking into account the peace of mind and efficient intensive repair, to help you grow mercerized cream muscle!

let’s first understand why the skin is “dull and yellow”. Every day, the skin will secrete oil, which will cause the skin to turn yellow after being oxidized; the products for daily sunscreen and make-up will also oxidize and turn yellow after mixing with the skin; after a hard day’s work, the oily skin will be stained with dust in the air, which will make the skin look gray and yellow. It is no stranger to the public of “anti oxygen”, but what is “anti oxygen”? In fact, anti oxygen is not against the oxygen in the air. Oxygen exists in the form of molecules. Although it is active but stable, it will not damage the skin. Anti oxygen is actually against “free radicals”.

free radicals will be produced in the process of human metabolism. Free radicals have strong activity, which will destroy the balance of human cells, resulting in slow metabolism, excessive collagen decomposition, excessive activity of melanocytes and excessive inflammatory factors, which will lead to skin problems such as decreased elasticity, relaxation, aging and spots. However, if the skin is fragile after changing seasons and sunburn, the cuticle will be damaged, which will make the free radicals damage the skin more.

wants to make the skin look as smooth as mercerized cream. “Anti oxygen”, “replenishment” and “anti aging” are thoughtful. New L’Oreal small milk tablets freeze-dried ampoule contains “233” special research in line with the formula.

98% high purity ferulic acid and active AA2G, double antioxidant and bright. As a derivative of antioxidant vitamin C, active AA2G can effectively resist oxygen and brighten the skin. Compared with pure VC, AA2G is milder; ferulic acid is recognized as a natural antioxidant, specialized in fighting free radicals. In view of the unstable characteristics of ferulic acid, L’Oreal laboratory applied innovative freeze-drying technology to rapidly freeze-dry in 3 seconds at – 196 ° C to form high-purity ferulic acid with “anhydrous concentration”. The high activity of ferulic acid can be preserved without preservatives. Because no flavor, alcohol and preservatives are added, the high purity ferulic acid, which is characteristic of a mild smoky flavor similar to that of wood flavoring, has become a very recognizable flavor of small milk tablets.

at the same time, L’Oreal small milk tablets lyophilized ampoules have triple hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredients, and macromolecular hyaluronic acid forms a water locking membrane to improve skin moisture content. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, deep into the muscle bottom, filling fine lines. Micro molecular hyaluronic acid, moisturizing, tender and elastic skin.

as L’OREAL star product purple iron eye cream with the series of products, in the field of anti-aging, L’OREAL small milk freeze-dried ampoule also has three anti old ingredients. Fibroxyl, a tightening factor, stimulates fibroblasts in the human body, so that fibroblasts can produce more collagen; when combined with snake venom like peptide, it can promote collagen synthesis and make skin plump and elastic; enzyme activator h.e.p.e.s can enhance the activity of active substances and accelerate skin rejuvenation.

facing the computer for a long time, working overtime and staying up late has a bad look; there is an important appointment tomorrow, and you want to look better; if your skin is dry after changing seasons or summer, or if you are sensitive to skin whitening but can’t use stimulating whitening products, you can use L’Oreal small milk tablets freeze-drying ampoules for intensive care of skin.

break the ampoules, keep your hands dry, take the freeze-dried slices and place them in the palm, pour the right amount of ampoule essence, freeze dry slices will quickly dissolve, apply to the face and absorb well. Certified by L’Oreal laboratory, after 7 days of use, light lines – 38.4%, skin elasticity + 31.4%, smooth skin + 38.4%, water and light can be seen!