Loss of pain during childbirth women eat potato chips while giving birth

According to the report, after the birth of her baby in England on the 24th, Madley felt a strange loss of pain when she was 16.

in 2015, when Emily went to the hospital to give birth according to the plan, her cervix had already reached 8 cm, but she didn’t feel any pain. The nurses were very surprised. What’s even more shocking to the medical staff is that Emily has given birth to a baby while eating potato chips.

Emily said, “before I get pregnant, I kick my toes and it hurts. Because it was my first delivery, I was scared. But the fact is completely different from what I expected. I didn’t feel the pain. After eating potato chips and watching TV for a while, the baby was born

after giving birth, Emily had suffered fractures and severe burns, but she did not feel pain, and she did not go to the hospital to check why.

in fact, Emily is not the only mother who has no pain during childbirth. Studies have shown that one in every 100 women has a special gene that can act as an anesthetic and greatly reduce pain in humans. PARRENT&CHILDREN