Loudi Education Bureau apologized in the early morning and will investigate the relevant responsibility for the mistakes in the delivery line of Pugao

In view of the inconsistency between the approved filing line of the general plan of Loudi City and the actual enrollment line announced on August 13, Hunan Loudi Education Bureau issued a public apology at 0:27 am on the 14th.

surging news reporter found that the “Loudi education” WeChat official account was released in August 14th: due to the system failure and work errors, the error appeared at 14:00 on August 13th and was declared invalid. The results of the general high school general plan were abolished. According to the published file line, re admission.

it is worth mentioning that Loudi Education Bureau also issued a copy in the form of, which explained in detail the cause and effect of the error and the follow-up solutions to all candidates and their families in the city.

Loudi Education Bureau wrote: at 14:00 on August 13, 2020, our bureau issued on the education WeChat official account in Loudi. Due to the system failure and work mistakes, the notice submitted by the notice was inconsistent with the actual line of admission, and a few of them failed to admit the results, which caused adverse effects to the candidates, parents and the society. I’m sorry.

the Education Bureau of Loudi City said: in this regard, the Party group of the Bureau studied, immediately took measures to start the investigation, and seriously investigated the responsibility of relevant personnel according to relevant regulations.

Loudi education bureau pointed out at the end that the enrollment of ordinary senior high schools is related to the interests of candidates and parents, and to educational equity. We will be in strict accordance with the principle of openness, fairness and justice, and in strict accordance with the general plan number of ordinary high schools in our city and the scores and wishes of examinees. We welcome the supervision of the majority of candidates and their parents. We will learn from the lessons, improve our work, and put an end to similar situations. Related Information:08/16/2020