Love fitness supermodel sun pregnant belly: eight months pregnant, the stomach is only slightly raised, where is the fetus hidden?

She usually likes to keep fit. Even after she is pregnant, she still employs a professional trainer to keep fit during pregnancy, so that when she is 4 months pregnant, she can not see any signs of pregnancy. < p > < p > even after eight months of pregnancy, her abdominal muscles are still clearly visible, and her stomach is only slightly uplifted, which can’t be found without careful observation. However, some people are dissatisfied with this practice. Because a child needs space to develop in his mother’s body, and fitness may affect his range of activities, some people think that she only cares about her body, regardless of her child’s health. < p > < p > under normal circumstances, after a woman is pregnant, the doctor will let the pregnant woman pay attention to rest, in order to avoid violent exercise, resulting in fetal instability and other conditions. Some women will be asked to rest. However, some women have been used to long-term fitness, and their own physical fitness is quite good, so proper fitness will not affect the fetus. Therefore, even pregnant women with strong physical fitness should also consider this aspect of the problem. If you don’t have enough financial strength to hire a professional fitness person, or try not to exercise during pregnancy. Is it normal to keep fit during pregnancy? < p > < p > the profession of modeling requires a lot of body shape. However, pregnancy will not only deform the figure, but also face the problem of difficult recovery of body shape, and even lead to unemployment. Therefore, many models are reluctant to have children. < / P > < p > if it is not forced or forced by occupation, no one will choose to exercise during pregnancy. No matter how careful you are, it may threaten the health of the fetus. < / P > < p > some people know their physical conditions and have the ability to choose a better team. They can help themselves control the strength of fitness exercise and greatly guarantee the safety of fitness during pregnancy. Although some people do not affect the safety of the fetus during pregnancy, such a result is accidental, which does not mean that most people will have such luck. Focus