Lung damage “repair device” found, do these “three things”, lung more and more healthy

Introduction: the lung is really a laborer who works hard enough. He is busy with his work almost all the time, because if the human body wants to survive, it has to go through the participation of the lung. Therefore, the lung is one of the most important organs in life. We should take good care of it. If we don’t pay attention to the personal quality of life, such as living in some cities with poor air quality for a long time, the lung damage is still very large.

under the pressure of life and long-term incorrect sitting posture, many people will have shoulder pain in varying degrees. Some people may be due to muscle strain, some people may also be due to joint reasons, if nothing is done, inexplicable pain, may be the cause of lung disease.

it seems that the fingers and lungs have nothing to do with each other, but their nerves are interlinked. The occurrence of lung diseases can make the fingers very painful. For example, some people have respiratory diseases, and their hands can feel obvious abnormalities. At that time, it will take time to maintain the lungs.

the chest is closest to the lung, so if there is lung disease, chest pain may occur frequently. So when the chest is uncomfortable, we should consider whether it is caused by lung lesions. It may be inflammation caused by lung disease, or nerve pain, so be careful.

we can put our hands under our navels and slowly suck in some gas with our noses. This inhalation process must be slow, inhale all the gas into the abdomen, hold your breath for about four seconds, and then excrete all the gas.

massage can help speed up the blood circulation in our body a little, but also can resist these complex diseases. Usually can go to massage the temple, every day with the finger gently massage these acupoints, not only can improve the health of the lung, but also can make the lung become more active.

at ordinary times, we must form the habit of drinking more water. If we feel that drinking plain water is boring, we can add some plants to the water, which can also play a role in nourishing the lung. According to Li Shizhen’s records, chrysanthemum, fatty sea, honeysuckle and other medicinal materials are good for the lung, have good effects on constipation, and can also reduce blood sugar. This is a common Chinese medicine snack. The reason for the same source of medicine and food is as follows:

honeysuckle: it has the function of clearing away heat and relieving heat, and its health care function is particularly powerful. It has great value for lung maintenance. People with high fire can drink more.

these ingredients are common, but it is very difficult to make them into tea bags. And now young people do not have time to make their own tea bags. We suggest that you choose the tea bags that you have already made. All the cream is in it. When you want to drink, you can use hot water to soak it.

conclusion: the “restorer” of lung damage has been found. Do more of these “three things” to make the lung more and more healthy. I hope that we can pay more attention to the health of the lungs, and never ignore any small details of the body. After all, only by doing a good job in the maintenance of the lungs and having a healthy body can we count as having capital. Once you find that you are not feeling well, you must see a doctor in time.