Lung favorite “a kind of water”, not lemon, if you like to drink, moisten lung detoxification, give lung bath

Introduction: every year, many people lose their lives because of lung cancer, but there are still many people who go to smoke. Some people think that smoking is a kind of charm. Especially now many teenagers also start to smoke. This is a very bad behavior. Teenagers are still developing, which is very harmful to the lung. There are a large number of old smokers whose lungs are very black So we should pay attention to it.

many old smokers will buy a lot of cigarette leaves in order to get a low price, so they don’t have to buy them all the time. However, this kind of cigarettes is not easy to store, especially in humid environment, and it is easy to get moldy, and then they are reluctant to throw them away and continue to smoke. In this way, it is easy to inhale more toxic substances and cause greater damage to the body.

although we are against smoking, we should not smoke cigarettes that we haven’t heard of. This kind of cigarette has no quality assurance and may contain more toxic substances than other cigarettes. Regular smoking of this kind of smoke will cause more harm to the body and lung. Never touch this kind of smoke.

there are more and more types of cigarettes. There are a lot of fine cigarettes, which are very popular with smokers. They think that the harm of this kind of cigarettes is smaller than that of coarse cigarettes. However, the filter tips of thin cigarettes are very thin, which makes it easier to inhale harmful substances. So don’t think that you can smoke more if you are thin.

Auricularia auricula has very high nutritional value. It is rich in nutrients, vitamin K and iron. It can replenish qi and blood, promote blood circulation, lower blood pressure and blood lipid. It is good for vascular health, and also has a great effect on lung. It can promote the discharge of toxins. It can eat more Auricularia auricula at ordinary times.

more exercise can improve lung capacity, enhance lung vitality, and promote blood circulation. In the process of exercise, a large amount of carbon dioxide can be discharged, which is very good for the lung, and can also enhance the immunity of the human body. For people who often smoke, we should exercise more.

the famous traditional Chinese medicine Bian que recorded a small formula for nourishing the lung. Soak some lung nourishing plants in the water and replenish water. Yangfei tea is mainly made from plants such as pangdahai, Luohanguo, licorice, chrysanthemum, cassia seed, loquat leaves, etc., such as pangdahai and Luohanguo, which can moisten the lung, chrysanthemum can clear away heat and detoxify, which is very good for the lung 。

production method: select plants such as pangdahai, Siraitia grosvenorii, licorice, chrysanthemum, cassia seed, loquat leaves and other plants, clean them with water, then boil them in the pot, and then boil them with low heat for about 15 minutes. Of course, if you don’t have time to make them, you can choose tea bags, which is more convenient.

conclusion: we advise you to throw away these three kinds of cigarettes. Old smokers should not regard them as treasures, or the lungs will collapse sooner or later. The lung is an important respiratory organ. We hope that we must protect our lungs. The lungs love “a kind of water”, not lemon. If you like to drink, moisten the lungs and expel toxins, wash and bathe the lungs.