Lung function deteriorated, the body will give a reminder, don’t always turn a blind eye, early examination and treatment

Every morning when I wake up, I can see the world when I open my eyes, breathe the fresh air and have a delicious breakfast. Every organ of your body is doing its job, and it’s evenly distributed and organized. What I want to talk about today is the lungs that help us breathe fresh air. < / P > < p > lung. I believe that many people will naturally think that breathing is completed by the lung function of the body. As mentioned in biology, leaves will carry out photosynthesis, and of course they will also carry out respiration. People’s lung respiratory function is similar to that of plants, absorbing oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. Human beings can not survive without oxygen in society. In short, as long as the living life on this earth depends on, oxygen cannot be separated from breath. This shows how important it is for humans to have a healthy lung. But if you have problems with your lung function, what are the obvious symptoms? < / P > < p > smoking is a common phenomenon for most adult men and a small number of women smoke. If you look carefully at the case of the cigarette case, there will be a picture on it. It will look amazing. For the first time, many people may not have noticed what the pattern is. What is the black one? On the cigarette case is a piece of lung that turns black because of frequent smoking. < / P > < p > most people smoke too much and for a long time, they will cough uncontrollably, and their throat is not clear and refreshing. They always feel that there are foreign bodies in the throat, which is not very comfortable. There will also be pneumonia and other diseases in the hospital due to insufficient lung function resistance. The most obvious feature of poor lung function is frequent cough. If sputum appears during cough, it indicates that the lung problem is a little more serious, and there may be inflammation on the respiratory tract. < / P > < p > most of the elderly people are not as strong and strong as they were when they were young, and most of their organs have begun to age. In this state, when the lung function can not run normally, the elderly will feel out of breath and chest tightness before they go up the stairs. When the function of the lung is worse than that of the normal people, if you don’t pay attention to it, you will get out of breath. If you feel chest tightness or pain when you exercise, and even need to take a big breath to relax, then the lung function has already appeared problems. < / P > < p > as mentioned above, the lung is an important respiratory organ for human beings. Without the lung, people can’t breathe oxygen and can’t live. Then, after the problem of lung function, the first thing that will affect is breathing. People with lung function problems will have difficulty breathing than those with healthy lungs, and oxygen inhalation will be less. Once the oxygen is insufficient, the brain of the body will be threatened, which may lead to lazy strike. If there is insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, you may feel dizzy, feel weak, and have no motivation to do anything. People with poor lung function will feel uncomfortable and do not want to move again after a little exercise. < / P > < p > when you feel dizziness, fatigue, lack of mental activity and other symptoms in your body’s lung function, you should pay attention to it and check it as soon as possible. In daily life, we should smoke less and drink less. We should exercise ourselves through exercise. How to have a healthy body is the point we need to pay attention to. CUISINE&HEALTH