Lung good people live longer, no matter male or female, if there is no small abnormality after getting up in the morning, it indicates that the lung is healthy

The lung is the respiratory organ that provides oxygen to the human body. Lung health, the body can get sufficient oxygen supply, the blood circulation in the body will be more smooth, the tissues and organs can get oxygen and blood breeding in time, the body will be more healthy, and more likely to live longer. However, due to air pollution and smoking, the incidence rate of lung disease is increasing.

whether the lung is healthy or not, the performance of the body can’t deceive people. Lung is not good, after getting up in the morning, the body will appear some obvious abnormal performance, if you also have, that is to raise the lung.

people with bad lungs have more garbage in their lungs. After a night’s rest, the lungs will metabolize a lot of dirty things. After getting up in the morning, I will cough continuously. The degree of cough is more serious than at any time of the day. Affected by the degree of lung damage, some people are dry cough. Some people cough up sputum. Sputum is usually frothy, black or bloody.

the air in the morning is relatively clear. Under normal circumstances, you should feel very smooth breathing after getting up. But the person with bad lung will feel chest tightness after getting up. It seems that there is a big stone on the chest, which makes people gasp and need to gasp for breath. The feeling of chest tightness will be relieved.

if the lungs are not good, it is often difficult to sleep until dawn. Most of them sleep until the early morning, and they will wake up automatically between 3 and 5 o’clock. Wake up, will be accompanied by irritability, chest tightness, asthma, dry mouth and other discomfort, feel uncomfortable all over the body.

I always feel dizzy after getting up in the morning, which is also one of the manifestations of poor lung. After a night of rest, the brain will be fully relaxed, wake up after the head will feel very relaxed, the mind is very clear. If you wake up every morning feel the head is particularly heavy, light headed, dizzy, but also accompanied by chest tightness, it is time to raise the lung.

it is hot in the summer. Many people will relieve the heat by eating cold drinks and drinking ice water, which is harmful to the lung. It will cause cold evil Qi to stay in the lung, causing cold phlegm to block the lung, and easily induce cough, chest tightness and other discomfort. Now is a good time to raise the lung, do the following small things, help to discharge lung poison, protect lung function.

the first thing to do is to eat more white radish, Lily and lotus root. These three white have Runfei Huatan effect, can nourish the lung, accelerate lung detoxification, in addition to lung dryness, often cough, phlegm people can eat more.

we also need to eat three more fruits, namely pear, loquat and grape. These three kinds of fruits are rich in vitamins. If you eat them often, you can improve your immunity, strengthen your constitution, prevent lung infection, and stop cough, remove phlegm and moisten the lung.

the health of lungs depends on the nourishment of water. If you want a good lung, you should drink 1500 ml of water every day. Don’t drink ice water. You should drink warm water. When drinking water, you can add some lily, tremella fuciformis, Siraitia grosvenorii, etc. to nourish the lung better.

exercise is the best way to strengthen the lung. It can improve lung capacity, improve immunity, prevent lung infection, promote the recovery of lung, and also can better discharge toxins from the lung and make the lung clean.

if there are abnormal symptoms after getting up in the morning, which indicates that the lung is damaged, timely inspection should be carried out to find out the specific problems. Lung health can not do without daily care, usually to do a good job in the matter of lung, lung will gradually recover, lung function will gradually improve.