Lung health is not optimistic, the body will have these abnormalities, clever measures to make the lung cleaner

Introduction: the lung is a particularly vulnerable organ in the body, it can be directly connected to the respiratory tract, so be careful when treating it. When we breathe, if some dust has entered the lungs, it will cause great harm to the lungs. The lighter may cause cough, but if the situation worsens, it may lead to suffocation. When the body appears these situations, must pay attention to. < / P > < p > if the condition of the lung is not optimistic, it will first appear on the skin. A normal person’s skin is white and red, especially shiny. For those with bad lungs, their skin is very dark and has no luster. This condition has nothing to do with the skin. You must check your lungs. Winter and summer are the driest seasons for skin. We often find that our legs are always full of land, which is the waste skin metabolized by the skin is too dry. But not everyone’s legs are like this. For those with poor lungs, their skin can be dry and itchy. < / P > < p > when the work pressure is high or the mood is unstable, you will feel special chest pain, and there will be some stuffy feeling. These are all because of the sudden situation created by emotion, if the mood is eased down, it will gradually get better, but for a long time chest tightness and chest pain, you need to go to the hospital for medical treatment. < / P > < p > in order to keep the lungs clean, we usually need to eat more lung clearing ingredients. These foods have no side effects and have too many nutrients. For example, radish, loquat and so on can alleviate chest tightness, usually can also drink a little honey water, to achieve the effect of clearing lung. The bad stomach is also related to the air. If you live in the countryside, the air here must be very good, which is also good for the recovery of lung function. Now when you have nothing to do, go to the village for a little more time. It can not only relax your mood, but also make your lungs absorb more fresh air. < / P > < p > in order to make the lungs radiate new vitality, we must drink more tea for nourishing the lungs. Drinking more tea is good for the body, and it can also help us clear the lung and detoxify. According to Zhang Zhongjing, chrysanthemum, pangdahai, honeysuckle and other ingredients can help us remove the toxic waste from our lungs. This is a common Chinese medicine snack. The reason why medicine and food share the same origin is as follows: < / P > < p > when these ingredients are put together, they need complex technology. Many young people are impatient when they want to make their own tea bags. If we have no patience, we choose finished tea. If we want to drink it, we can take it out and brew it in warm water. < p > < p > conclusion: lung health is not optimistic, the body will have these abnormalities, clever measures to make the lung cleaner. The lung is the most important organ for us to breathe, so we must protect it to protect our health. If there is a problem, we should check it in time and improve it in time. I hope that you must always do the above three things at ordinary times, so as to better protect our lungs. Information sharing for epilepsy patients