M · a · C Meike soft fog family upgrade new soft fog Lip Glaze leads the new trend of matte

In the hot summer of 2020, M.A.C. Meike’s brand new soft fog family will be upgraded and returned, which will bring the extreme fog experience and lead the new trend of matte fog. The new soft fog Lip Glaze collocation with soft fog eye shadow, redefine the matte texture, multiple personality fog color, grab your eyeballs, and detonate this summer’s charm trend.

extreme soft fog color, liquid Satin soft texture, M A. C M.A.C Satin soft mist liquid lipstick first 14 beautiful lip color debut. The unique patent formula design of ultra light transparent particle powder can easily hide the lip lines, bring the extremely smooth and silky smooth touch. The upper lip perfectly presents a 10 hour long lasting lock color, light and non greasy, which defines the new charm of matte. More intimate gourd shaped brush head, double curved surface fit, precise outline full lip shape. Soft as the fog does not pull dry, kiss temptation irresistible.

the classic rust is reddish brown. It’s passionate. It’s easy to mix and match without picking skin. One touch ignites the fatal attraction. The firepower is fully opened. It’s addictive. Slay is you.

the sweet and soft pumpkin color injects fresh summer vitality into you. When you smear the upper lip, you will have a natural and full of vitality, and it will become small and fresh in summer.

the retro blue tone is red, and the delicate tenderness between lips can’t be resisted. It helps you to become a modern girl. You can show your mature charm in every move and deduce the perfect temperament of softness.

the red rose hue has turned into a popular female group. The c-position comes out. A kiss on the lips will bring out the stage light, which makes people unable to take away their eyes. This summer, it will be popular and attractive.

the reddish brown color with purple tone breaks the conventional color, and the high cold attack gas can’t be directly looked at. When the real power blaster arrives, the aura is fully opened, and the domineering hold lives every second.

when the satin soft mist meets the eye color of bright colors, M. A. C M.A.C new silk satin soft fog eye shadow brings you the new charm of matte Eyeshadow. The unique ultra smooth and moisturizing particles bring smooth cream texture, natural skin paste is easy to use, even in the hot summer, the eyes are still soft and comfortable, without tangled mottling and caking, bravely challenge the waterproof and lasting makeup effect. More soft focus filter black technology blessing, bid farewell to eye defects, halo dye eyes with soft focus beauty, play with changeable personality eyes. Monochrome dazzling makeup, a variety of combinations can also unlock thousands of collocations, the first 10 color number waiting for you to pick.