Ma Yinchu and his wife are both centenarians. The doctor said frankly: they often eat food, and your family also has it

People’s life expectancy is increasing, and more and more people can maintain a long life. In ancient China, the pursuit of longevity and centenarians by emperors and civilians has become a reality. Ma Yinchu and his wife, both centenarians, were centenarians. After summing up the reasons, the doctor said it was due to their usual diet.

in our life, we have only heard that both husband and wife suffer from the same kind of cancer, which has caused great damage to the health of both husband and wife. As two people who sleep together and eat together every day, it is not only bad influence. Ma Yinchu and his wife have set us a good example. If you eat the right food, you can live to be 100 years old.

porridge. Porridge is a very common food for everyone, and porridge is also the favorite food for Ma Yinchu and his wife. No matter for breakfast or dinner, the two old people like to drink porridge, and different porridge products can also help meet the needs of all kinds of nutrition for the body.

oats, millet, vegetables, meat, etc. can be combined in porridge. For the middle-aged and elderly people, it can not only nourish the body and nourish the intestines and stomach, but also help supplement the nutrition needed by the body and promote the body’s longevity.

porridge can also be combined with some Chinese herbal medicines. In traditional Chinese medicine, there are many herbs that can keep people healthy and help people’s health. Taking it directly may cause irritation to people’s intestines and stomach, but if it is taken with porridge, it can also help to better play the effect of traditional Chinese medicine.

lemon. Lemon is a very sour food. Ordinary people may not accept the sour taste of lemon. But in fact, eating lemon raw directly can help supplement the vitamins that people need. At the same time, it can help to increase the detoxification function of the liver and relieve the residual toxins in the body.

grapefruit. Grapefruit is not as sweet as other fruits, and because of this, it is more suitable for most people. In middle age, many people will have problems of hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia. Grapefruit can help maintain human blood vessels, promote the recovery of the body, and have a good protective effect on human cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.

Chinese cabbage. As a very common vegetable in life, Chinese cabbage is the most suitable vegetable for people to eat. Often eating Chinese cabbage has a good maintenance effect on the intestines and stomach, and can also help you to alleviate the problem of constipation. Moreover, Chinese cabbage has certain anti-cancer effect, and has a good removal effect on the body oil. Especially the elderly, often eat Chinese cabbage, taste delicious at the same time, can also help remove disease, prolong life.

coarse grain. Coarse food can be seen everywhere in life, whether it is staple food or snacks, there are many coarse grains, although the taste is not very good, but it has a great help to the human body, especially the elderly, after a certain age, the body begins to aging, metabolism slows down, often eat coarse food, dietary fiber in coarse grain can help prevent the occurrence of cancer, toxic substances in people’s body Also has a good cleaning effect, so that the body becomes cleaner, and naturally can maintain a long life.

longevity itself is not enough to eat these kinds of food. In life, we should also pay attention to maintaining an optimistic and positive attitude towards life, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, doing a good job in personal self-care, being responsible for your own body, and maintaining a healthy and long life. 08/16/2020