Macaque raised two kittens, but was criticized by netizens, and even called for killing the monkey!

When it comes to macaques, I believe everyone is familiar with them. They often see tourists playing in the mountains and being stolen by macaques on TV. Macaques are similar to humans in physiology, but most people don’t like them. People think that although macaques are similar in physiology to humans, they do nothing morally. Once upon a time, macaques raised two kittens, but they were criticized by netizens. What’s the matter with them?

some netizens found on the mountain that a macaque has captured two kittens in succession. It holds the kittens both in eating and sleeping, and is not willing to let go for a moment. Netizens worried about the safety of the cat, so they launched an online call for help. Based on the macaque’s poor wind rating, people who saw the post speculated that the monkey wanted to abuse and play with the cat. Countless netizens have said that they want to shoot macaques, save cats and so on. The animal protection association volunteers worried that emotional netizens would do harm to macaques because of the cat, so they sent people to understand the situation and rescue the cat.

volunteers went to the mountain to look for macaques in netizens’ mouths. When they found the macaque, the scene they saw was quite different from that described by netizens. The macaques in front of them can be said to take care of cats in all kinds of ways, just like treating their own children. They clean their bodies and sleep with them in their arms. The cats in their arms also have no resistance to them. It seems that they have already regarded macaques as their mothers. The volunteers spent more than three hours waiting for the opportunity to lure them with food. Until they let go of their guard, they slowly looked for opportunities to approach the macaque. Taking advantage of the macaque’s inattention, the volunteers seized the cat and quickly put it into the bag and successfully rescued the cat.

realizing that the cat was taken away, the macaque immediately caught up with the volunteer. At that moment, the volunteer thought that the macaque was going to attack her, but unexpectedly, the macaque just pulled the volunteer’s pants feet in panic, and his lips were shaking slightly, as if he wanted the volunteer to return the cat to it. At this time, the cat, who left the macaque, also barked in the bag, as if calling his mother. The volunteers did not dare to stop and walked all the way, but still showed no sign of giving up. The macaque followed the volunteer all the way. Seeing his sad expression, the volunteer had thought about whether to return the cat. However, he thought that there was not a good living environment for the cat to stay. Secondly, the existence of the cat might cause harm to the macaque, so he had to be cruel!

after bringing back the cat, the volunteer recalled every move of the macaque at that time. She was also extremely distressed. She couldn’t imagine that without the protection of macaques, the two young cats might have died long ago. They don’t understand human language, and there is no way to justify their behavior. Therefore, volunteers want to voice for macaques according to their real experience, and they don’t want them to bear the name again.

this happened six years ago, and now the cat is 6 years old. As for the macaque, it has not appeared since then. In this case, volunteers used their actions to rehabilitate the charges of macaques, hoping that more people would not regard them as villains because of some misunderstandings.