Magic medicine again? Australia’s top doctors say a new treatment for head lice costs only $2

reported that the novel coronavirus pneumonia is a mixture of 2 dollars of head lice and a common antibiotic, according to Professor Thomas Bordi, Australia’s top doctor. He also said that the answer to the new crown pneumonia crisis has been found but ignored by Australian health authorities. Professor boldi is a leading gastroenterologist in the world. He invented the treatment of peptic ulcer and saved millions of lives. Professor Thomas boldy of the Sydney digestive disease center told us that ivermectin, once used to treat head lice, could be used in combination with zinc and the antibiotic doxycycline to kill the new coronavirus. “Viruses can’t reproduce on their own, they need us – the host,” says Professor bordy “So we can kill the virus by inhibiting its proliferation in our own cells, and these drugs can do just that.” In addition, a joint study by Monash University and the dortti Institute showed that this combination, combined with a certain dose of zinc, can effectively reduce the activity of the new coronavirus. However, the study was not a human trial, but a laboratory experiment using 50 times more drugs than could be applied to patients. < p > < p > but Professor bordi said that if the dose is reduced to a level that can be used by humans, the coronavirus can still be eliminated with little or no side effects. Ivermectin has been reported to be widely used in the treatment of scabies and other parasites and has been approved by the Australian Therapeutic commodities authority and listed as a basic drug by the World Health Organization. In Bangladesh, 60 patients were treated with this method, and all of them were cured. “Two other trials also showed a 100% cure rate.” < / P > < p > however, other Australian experts warned that all theoretically effective drugs should be “reserved.”. “It may work in vitro, but it’s unlikely to work clinically because it’s difficult to achieve effective plasma concentrations,” said Dr. Ian masgrave, a molecular pharmacologist at the University of Adelaide “There is no available clinical trial data, and in the absence of any publicly available data, people should be wary of the claim that certain drugs are” highly effective. ” Due to the rampant epidemic situation, the demand for new crown drugs is becoming more and more urgent. In the past, many drugs, such as chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine, redcivir and fabiravir, were highly expected by the world, and even known as “magic drugs”. However, the reality is very cruel, and these “miraculous drugs” have already fallen off the altar! However, relevant observation reports show that the antimalarial drugs chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine have no obvious benefits in the treatment of new coronavirus infection, and improper use may even lead to complications. The World Health Organization has already announced the suspension of relevant experiments. < p > < p > the drug redcivir produced by Gilead technology company in the United States, which has high expectations, can shorten the recovery days of patients with new crown, but it has not enough impact on reducing the mortality of patients, and the treatment effect is “very limited”. < p > < p > fabiravir is a new type of influenza treatment drug developed by Fuji film Fushan Chemical Co., Ltd. in the treatment of new coronavirus, the reported interim analysis results show that there is no clear difference in the virus reduction rate after using the drug, and its effectiveness needs to be further confirmed. Focus