Make up your mind to lose weight? Johnson was found running in the morning with fitness experts

Beijing, August 27 (Xinhua) according to foreign media reports, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was infected with the new coronavirus in March this year and worked hard to exercise after recovery. Recently, he was found running with a fitness expert. < p > < p > since he was discharged from hospital, Johnson has often been found running, usually accompanied by his safety team. Johnson admitted that he was “too fat” before he was hospitalized. “I’ve been trying to lose weight for years, and like many people, I’ve been agonizing about my weight, over and over again,” Johnson said in a video posted on social networking sites in July. But after recovering from the new coronavirus, I have been steadily improving my health He also said that his new regimen is jogging in the morning, which makes him more energetic during the day. CUISINE&HEALTH