Male heart disease high incidence, the body appears these 5 symptoms, is the alarm signal!

Thanks to a variety of life-saving technologies, heart attacks today are not necessarily life-threatening and, in some cases, not even very significant. Finding signs and getting immediate help is crucial.

symptoms can vary from person to person, even in the same person. Some symptoms may appear suddenly, some symptoms can give a clear warning.

the severe symptoms of sudden attacks are sometimes referred to as “Hollywood heart attacks,” because chest pain is a typical symptom of a dirty heart attack in movie and television centers.

the pain may be extremely severe, but not necessarily so. Pain can also be characterized by a feeling of fullness, squeezing, or oppression, and may even be mistaken for heartburn.

generally, pain is located above the waist, including the upper abdomen, shoulders, unilateral or bilateral arms, and also in the back, neck or jaw, and even teeth.

the more significant the symptoms, the more likely it is to have a heart attack. But keep in mind that there may also be no symptoms, also known as silent heart attacks, which are more common when you are older or have diabetes.