Man 96000 yuan selling his own children media: not worthy of being a father!

As long as the law can impose enough severe punishment on the offenders, it can form a strong deterrent and strengthen the “zero tolerance” atmosphere of the society for child trafficking. On November 3, Fuding people’s Court of Fujian Province disclosed a child abduction and trafficking case. In this case, the defendant, Huang Heguo, illegally sold his own daughter and son to others in 2013 and 2018 respectively, making a profit of 96000 yuan. Unlike most cases of child abduction and trafficking in public impression, the defendant in this case is not a “human trafficker” who steals other people’s children to sell, but the biological father of the sold child. This cruel fact not only shocked the defendant’s indifference to his family, but also made people feel angry. According to Huang Heguo, the defendant, he sold a pair of children to the defendants Zhong Mou and he Yulan because of “family difficulties and difficulties in raising children”. However, looking at the whole country, there are more than ten million families with relatively poor economy. On the one hand, the society has been providing a variety of assistance to the minors in poor families. On the other hand, even the poor families have irreplaceable kinship. In the face of such a serious crime as child trafficking, such a pale self justification can not be an excuse for parents to “sell their children and sell their daughters”. It was for this reason that Huang Heguo was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison. < / P > < p > the public has always hated the crime of child trafficking. This is not only because such crimes break up parents and children and violate human relations, which is extremely bad in morality, but also related to the minors who are protected by the society. Minors are the hope of the future, and they do not have enough self-protection ability. Therefore, all sectors of society are always highly sensitive to illegal activities involving minors. However, judging from the past cases, most of the cases that caused public concern were committed by “human traffickers”, and since then, the biological parents of the sold children have been searching for many years. In contrast, the public has not paid enough attention to the cases of active child trafficking by biological parents. But in fact, the social harm caused by these “child sellers” is not much less than that caused by “human traffickers”. In this regard, the law also needs to punish those who do not deserve to be parents. At the same time, the society should pay more attention to such cases, so as to make this kind of criminal act disappear as soon as possible. When reading the news of the rule of law, we often hear the news about “human traffickers”, but seldom hear about the situation of their own parents selling their children. However, if we think that there are very few cases of natural parents selling their children, we will fall into the logical misunderstanding of “survivor bias”. The reason is very simple – when a child is abducted by “human traffickers”, their family members must report to the police, so almost every such case will be recorded in the first place. However, if a child is sold to another person by his or her biological parents, it is likely that only the buyer and the seller will be informed of the relevant facts. In this case, unless there is a sudden Conscience Discovery on both sides of the buyer and seller, or the other relatives of the child who sold the child are strongly opposed to it, such cases are likely to be easily covered up. < / P > < p > when we see the part of the iceberg that biological parents sell their children out of the sea, we should also be alert to realize that in places we can’t see, there must be more children who are still in the dark who have suffered from human trafficking. For these children, in addition to waiting for reports from relevant people, there is no good way for the society to return the truth and justice to the people who sell them. However, it is not too late to make any efforts from now on. For those cases that are lucky enough to be found, as long as the law can impose enough severe punishment on the offenders, it can form a powerful deterrent, strengthen the “zero tolerance” atmosphere of society for child trafficking, and let those who hover on the edge of crime give up the relevant ideas. Focus