Man killed his girlfriend after drinking 2-year-old son confessed in court: please give me another chance

On the morning of August 26, a case of intentional homicide and intentional injury was heard in Xi’an Intermediate People’s court. Lin, a 31 year old man in Xi’an, was accused of beating and torturing two victims for two hours after drinking because of domestic trifles, resulting in the death of a 2-year-old boy and minor injury to a woman. According to the indictment, at about 22:00 pm on June 24, 2019, Lin returned to his temporary residence in Xi’an after drinking, claiming that he wanted to kill his cohabiting girlfriend and his son with a knife. At that time, his girlfriend’s son was only 2 years old and 4 months old. < / P > < p > his girlfriend throws the kitchen knife out of the window from the kitchen. After that, Lin grabs her hair and drags her to the living room and makes her kneel. Later, Lin lifted his girlfriend’s son from the bed and fell to the living room floor. He trampled on his head and abdomen. When his girlfriend stopped him, he was also kicked on the head and slapped in the face. < p > < p > Lin beat his girlfriend and his son with a chopper and a spatula, and kicked his girlfriend and son out into the living room wall, then lifted him over his head and fell to the ground. After that, Lin took his girlfriend’s son to the bathroom, flooded his head with water for about 5 minutes, and then poured liquor into the child’s mouth, repeatedly throwing it on the ground. After < / P > < p >, Lin forced his girlfriend to take his son to the playground of the community. Lin continued to beat his girlfriend’s son and threatened his girlfriend to leave the scene. After his girlfriend left, he called his friend to call the police. After the police arrived at the scene, Lin was arrested. The police called 120 for rescue, but his girlfriend’s son was dead because of the heavy injury. The boy died of acute respiratory and circulatory failure due to severe brain injury and cardiopulmonary contusion caused by trauma. Drowning and drinking were the auxiliary causes of death. The injury of the boy’s mother was secondary to minor injury. For the crime of beating a child intentionally, the defendant should be investigated for the crime of deliberately injuring two children for the crime of deliberately injuring a child for two hours. < p > < p > a number of witnesses gave testimony that Lin was prone to violence and often beat his girlfriend and his son for small things, and his girlfriend also felt very scared. Focus