Many famous brands of chips are found to be the most vulnerable to the carcinogen acrylamide in children

In this comparative test, 15 kinds of fried potato chips and baked potato chips were selected. The five imported fried potato chips were produced in the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Germany. All the 15 chips are popular brands. In terms of safety indicators, the physical and chemical indexes, microbial indicators, heavy metal pollutants and antioxidants of 15 potato chips samples met the requirements of national standards, and the content of trans fatty acids was low. No trans fatty acids were detected in Lorenz, Leshi, red rock Deli, yanjinpu and haoliyou. As a whole, the fat content of fried potato chips is about 1.5 times of that of baked potato chips, while the average sodium content of imported fried potato chips is 1.7 times of that of domestic fried chips. < / P > < p > it is worth noting that the acrylamide content of 7 potato chips is higher than the standard level set by EU, and the acrylamide content of yanjinpu, three squirrels and Miss Dong exceeds 2000 μ g / kg. On the whole, the average content of acrylamide in baked potato chips was nearly 6 times that of fried potato chips. In the 1950s, acrylamide began to be used in the industrial production of polyacrylamide. In the 1990s, during the construction of a tunnel project in Sweden, it was found that there were abnormal animals near the site, such as sudden paralysis of cattle and the floating of dead fish in breeding ponds. As the project involves the use of materials containing acrylamide to fill the gap, it has attracted the attention of local researchers. One of the studies published in 2002 showed that some foods also contain acrylamide! < / P > < p > the reducing sugars and amino acids of many food materials can produce Maillard reaction and acrylamide at high temperature. In 1994, the international agency for research on cancer classified acrylamide as “possibly carcinogenic to human beings”. < / P > < p > eight potato chips samples were lower than the acrylamide benchmark level set by the European Union, of which 4 were domestic, corresponding to the brands of single grain, kebic, lay’s and haoliyou; and 4 imported potato chips, corresponding to lay’s, Lorenz, Bluebird and thoughts. Cui Xia, assistant director of Quality Department of Shenzhen Municipal Consumer Council, said that acrylamide may form when natural potatoes are treated at temperatures above 120 ℃. Acrylamide is a class 2A carcinogen, and children are the most vulnerable population. Studies have shown that acrylamide has certain toxicity to reproduction and heredity, but there are no regulations and relevant standards to specify the acrylamide limit in food at home and abroad. < / P > < p > among the 15 potato chips, 13 were “high fat” and 4 were “high sodium”. The average energy was 514kcal / 100g. For every 100g potato chips, it took about 72 minutes to jog. Long term intake of high salt and high-fat food will increase the risk of obesity, dyslipidemia and cardiovascular disease. < / P > < p > when purchasing potato chips, the nutrition label indicates the amount of each serving or the nutrient content per 100g, which does not represent the nutrient content of a whole package of potato chips. The average content of sodium in domestic baked potato chips was about 1.5 times that of domestic fried potato chips, and the average content of acrylamide in baked potato chips was higher than that in fried potato chips. Should reduce the intake of potato chips and other fried, fried, baked food, balanced diet, less oil and less salt, maintain a variety of eating habits. Focus