Many female stars choose frozen eggs before the age of 30. Can it really become a “regret medicine” for women?

Since March 8 of the last century, the majority of women took to the streets to fight for their rights and interests, women’s mind has gradually emancipated, no longer rigidly adhere to husband and son, and become more and more independent.

in recent years, the topic of women’s rights and interests is also emerging in an endless stream, and it will cause people’s hot discussion every time. Among them, the topic that more and more women choose not to marry or be infertile has been debated on the Internet.

many girls don’t want their achievements in life to end with “a good wife and a good mother”. Maybe they don’t want to end up in love, so they stay single all the time. Some of these women worry that they won’t have children and will regret it later, so they choose frozen eggs.

Xu Jinglei also talked about frozen eggs on the program before, because she didn’t know whether her thoughts would change in the future, so she chose frozen eggs to avoid her regret.

so what is the frozen egg technology highly praised by female stars? Can women really regret it? What is frozen egg technology?

in the mid-19th century, a doctor named Paul proposed refrigeration technology. He suggested that a soldier about to go to war freeze his sperm so that he would not have offspring after he died.

at that time, wars were frequent. Many soldiers chose frozen sperm before going to war, so that their wives could still have a legal heir after they died.

the so-called frozen eggs, in fact, means that the doctors take the eggs from the female body out of the body through a series of operations, and then store them in liquid ammonia at minus 196 ℃.

it seems that this technology is really good. Women who can choose not to marry still have a way out when they regret it. After all, we all know that there is a time limit for women to give birth, and the older they get, the less likely they are to get pregnant successfully.

frozen egg technology is conditional, not all women use it. Before choosing frozen eggs, women must check whether the activity of eggs is high or not. Generally, most of the women who can freeze their eggs are before 35 years old, and there is no problem with the egg quality.

after all, the extracted eggs need to have enough activity before they can combine into fertilized eggs. If the quality of women’s eggs in this period has been very poor, then there is a great chance that the frozen eggs will not succeed.

although the technology of freezing eggs has a long history of development, it is not mature so far. Even if the eggs are frozen successfully, they are not once and for all.

clinically, it is recommended that eggs should not be frozen for more than two years. However, it is impossible for women to change their minds in two years. Therefore, it is likely that eggs will lose efficacy due to long freezing time.

the survival conditions of eggs are very harsh. Even if a woman successfully extracts eggs from her body, it is likely to destroy the subtle structure of the eggs during operation or thawing.

normal women only excrete one egg a month, but frozen eggs can’t be frozen only one. Therefore, in order to obtain more qualified eggs, doctors will use drugs to stimulate the ovaries and promote ovulation. This step is very harmful to women’s body.

because women only have more than 400 eggs in their life, it is very likely to cause premature ovarian failure if they excrete too many eggs at once. And in this process, women are prone to infection, not handled properly, and even life-threatening.

from the analysis of the above three aspects, we can see that the frozen egg technology is not as perfect as they advocate, on the contrary, it has many problems. Therefore, people have different opinions on whether it can really become a regret medicine.

the reason why so many women know the disadvantages of frozen egg technology and still insist on it is actually the decision of women’s awareness of reproductive rights.

However, the risk of frozen eggs is too great. Women who have plans to do so must consider carefully before making a choice. They should not hurt their body because of the impulse, but the gain is not worth the loss. Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging