Mask should not be applied directly. These three tips teach you how to apply the mask correctly.

Mask is a fairy fairy, daily maintenance is essential, there have been rumors that every day to apply a mask, so that the mask is scientific? Today we are going to talk about the size of the mask. ~

, this concept of skin care is wrong. Normally, only two to three times replenishment mask can be applied in a week. The mask will be applied more, and the skin will not be absorbed, the burden will be too heavy, and even lead to long fat granules.

some people think that the longer the mask is applied, the more effective it is. How long the mask is applied mainly shows that when it takes more than 10-15 minutes, it will dry out, which will in turn absorb the moisture of our skin.

don’t put your face on the heater or sit directly in the air conditioner when applying the mask. The heat generated by such devices as the heater will dry up the moisture on the evaporated face and mask, which will not only be bad for the absorption of the mask, but will do more dry.

mask is not a substitute for toner and essence. It can not be used as a basic skin care because the mask is used in the last step. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the skin before applying the mask. If the skin is not clean, it will apply directly to the mask, and the dirty East West will remain on the face or even be locked in the pores.

night is “beauty prime time”, because skin cells at night are more active, blood circulation is faster, collagen synthesis ability is stronger, and more conducive to absorbing nutrients in the mask. When skin is at this peak, do beauty care and apply mask, and the skin can absorb the nutritive ingredients in the mask with a big mouth, and it will get twice the result with half the effort.

after finishing the mask, don’t rush to wash your face. Gently massage the remaining nutrients on your face to massage your skin a little better.

when the essence is absorbed by the skin, it can be divided into two situations. One kind of dry skin can be directly coated with cream to lock moisture and essence. The other is that oil skin girl must wash face with water, then apply cream and water lock and lock essence. Focus