Massage to reduce blood pressure, blood pressure is still 180, cerebral infarction occurred! Refute the myth: only in this way can we reduce blood pressure properly

Three weeks later, sister Wang met me and said that her mother’s blood pressure was good. Now it looks like 130-140 / 60-70, I told her to keep it. Don’t forget to take more measurements. < / P > < p > on Monday, I met sister Wang in the inpatient department and said that she had delivered rice to her mother, and her mother had cerebral infarction. Thanks to the early rescue, there is no danger of life, but the body still can not move, said to live is not easy. Sister Wang told me that her mother didn’t go downstairs very much in the last six months. Three months ago, she saw a brick family and said, “all human diseases have their own medicine, that is, acupoints. As long as the acupoints are found correctly, all diseases can be treated by massage, especially for the three high schools. That professor or what kind of tutor, on-site massage measurement of blood pressure can drop. < p > < p > so her mother became obsessed with massage to reduce blood pressure, three times a day, 15 minutes each time. Since the massage, her mother also stopped antihypertensive drugs, feel that the whole person is much more energetic, every day there is endless strength. What about the results of < / P > < p >? When washing clothes on Monday, he suddenly fainted and was sent to the hospital for massive cerebral infarction. At that time, the blood pressure of 120 was measured at 200 / 110mmhg, which was the result of massage to reduce blood pressure. < p > < p > 1. If massage can reduce blood pressure, why is it not popularized? If massage can lower blood pressure, all antihypertensive drugs will be out of the stage of history for a long time. Everyone can do it without side effects and without spending money. Why not? Very few cases of hypertension, especially the initial mild hypertension, and the life is not healthy, blood pressure increased. At this time, if you can live a healthy life, quit smoking and drinking, adhere to exercise, control weight, eat a low salt, low oil and low sugar diet, avoid staying up late, and may cooperate with massage, then there will be some patients with mild hypertension whose blood pressure can be reduced or even returned to normal. But in this case, the credit for lowering blood pressure lies in a comprehensive and healthy life. Maybe massage also plays a role, but we can not attribute all the credit of healthy life and blood pressure reduction to massage, which obliterates the healthy lifestyle. Massage can cure many diseases, but it is not omnipotent. If massage is omnipotent, the human body brings its own medicine. Why did human invent medicine? If this brick master is right, how to explain that our ancestors invented Chinese medicine and massage. If massage can treat all diseases, then traditional Chinese medicine will be eliminated. Therefore, we can see that all diseases of the human body can be treated by acupoints in the body, which is itself a mystery, lifting a stone to hit one’s feet. < / P > < p > 4. You have the right to choose any method you think can reduce blood pressure. But is it easy to reduce blood pressure? Almost every family has a sphygmomanometer. Can massage reduce blood pressure? Do you want to test blood pressure? Muddleheaded massage three times a day, as a result, blood pressure has been soaring, leading to cerebral infarction. < / P > < p > at present, it has been recognized by all doctors at home and abroad, and is used by almost all doctors. One is a healthy lifestyle: quit smoking and drinking, control weight, low sodium, high potassium, low oil and low sugar diet, adhere to exercise, avoid staying up late, maintain a good mood and so on. On this basis, most people’s blood pressure is really difficult to reduce to the normal level, so only with antihypertensive drugs together. Only when the blood pressure is normal, can we avoid or reduce the malignant diseases such as cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, heart failure, renal failure, myocardial infarction and so on. No matter what it is called, in short, the human body must have the function of self-healing. People with high immunity and strong resistance are less likely to get sick. This is also the traditional Chinese medicine saying that the healthy qi and internal evil should not be done! However, these so-called self-contained drugs all refer to prevention, that is, only a healthy lifestyle can improve our immunity and resistance and reduce the risk of disease. Our healthy life can really reduce the incidence of three high, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other diseases. We can really achieve the goal of keeping healthy qi inside, evil can not be done, and we can not treat the disease before it is cured! However, most of the diseases that have occurred are difficult to repair by themselves and need to be controlled or treated by certain medical means. Even if a small number of mild hypertension, through a healthy life, blood pressure back to normal, that is also a comprehensive healthy lifestyle, this is the so-called body medicine, not massage so simple! In a word, massage can not directly treat hypertension. For the vast majority of hypertension, we should choose healthy life and regular drugs to reduce blood pressure. Massage has its own magical effect, don’t put on a hat! Luanban