Maybelline New York down Lip Glaze launched

On January 30, 2021, Maybelline, the New York High Street make-up brand, New York “down Lip Glaze” was newly released, creating a 7-day “urban rebound space” in TX Huaihai, Shanghai’s newest trendy gathering place, and becoming a new landmark of magic city’s new trend of punch in. Maybelline New York’s down Lip Glaze is as smooth as down, creating a three-dimensional down mist lip makeup. < / P > < p > inspired by the “pop” characteristics of the new “down Lip Glaze”, the “urban rebound space” creates an art corner of Maybelline New York in the prosperous city, and also shows the urban aesthetic spirit of Maybelline New York. TX Huaihai long steps placed in the red down pillow, accompanied by elastic elements with the background wall echo. < / P > < p > the 360 degree mirror channel connects the real space and the Maybelline New York concept space. Stepping on the ground with Down elastic effect, it’s like walking in the clouds. At the end of the passage, you can see the elastic, full and jumping “pop” pillow, which vividly shows the use of “down Lip Glaze”. Then you can try this new series in the experience dressing room. You can feel the down like texture of the upper lip, and shoot light sense blockbusters in the art space to present the rich and bright lip color in an instant. < / P > < p > “urban rebound space” is a new elastic concept space. It adheres to the innovative spirit of Maybelline New York brand and uses various surrealist techniques to let consumers feel the rebound power of the heavy new product “down Lip Glaze”. It transcends imagination, breaks the Convention, willfully rebounds all the cold and hard rules of the real world, breaks free from the shackles of reality, redefines the rebound criteria, and finds the most suitable way of life. < p > < p > Mr. Ge Yichen, brand director of Maybelline New York, said: “2021 is a year for Maybelline New York to break the circle, and the brand will usher in a new strategic direction. We will reshape the brand’s new image of Maybelline New York, bring consumers higher-level make-up that is easier to start with, and strive to provide consumers with beautiful consumption value with scenes, values, culture and art delivery. The exhibition setting of urban rebound space is also another embodiment of Maybelline New York’s in-depth thinking and practice of “entertainment retail”. We are looking forward to witnessing all the incredible things here, so as to achieve the “entertainment beauty shopping experience”. “< / P > < p > Maybelline New York has created the first Lip Glaze on the market with innovative soft matte technology, which is not only fluffy and plump in texture, smooth and moist in upper lip, but also rich in color. The soft gel base is used to fill the lips to make the lips more fuller. The rich vitamin E in the formula makes the soft touch, dumb and dry. 3D is fine color masterbatch with high color, highlighting the level and helping the lip glaze to show off. < / P > < p > after long-term research and testing, color experts have carefully customized ten kinds of foggy velvet color numbers for Chinese women’s skin color, with rich colors and a bright attitude on the upper lip. No. 02 is rusty red, which makes you feel silky, white and eye-catching, and helps you capture your sweetheart easily; No. 06 pillow side is orange and soft, which makes you feel drunk, like a sweet dream; No. 08 longitudinal velvet is red, which makes you turn into a red carpet star in an instant. < / P > < p > put on down lips and leave behind the worry of flat and colorless, together with Maybelline New York’s new stunning and lasting Velvet Matte Lip Glaze, “down self, willful rebound”! < p > < p > limited time exhibition venue: no.523 Huaihai Middle Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, TX Huaihai exhibition time: 11:00-21:00 from January 30 to February 5 < A= target=_ blank>08/16/2020